Friday, June 25, 2010

June Haul

I wanted to get this up before the month ends. I had gotten the green light to order some stuff from HLJ and went for it. I got a mail slip last Friday and was able to pick them up on Saturday. I almost didn't get them because my wife told me the Post Office opened up at 11am. Luckily I checked out the slip and saw they CLOSED at 11am - I think she was trying to sabotage me in waiting another week.

What's in the boxes?

I actually order some things for my son as well, but he has not seen them yet. I know he will freak out at the Lego's Pokemon I got him as well as the Gundam Collection. I have been busy taking pictures and assembling these. I have to say the only disappointment was with the Gundam Fix # 0035. One of the shoulder joints was cracked. I was able to fix it, but the damn arm kept falling off anyway at times.

Ta Da

Here is what is in the shot:
  • Mega Bloks Chara Blok Dialga Set
  • Gundam Fix Figuration Shin #0035 - Musha Gundam
  • Gundam Collection DX #8: 1 Box (9pcs)
  • Gothic Ymir PVC
  • Perfect Piece Ita-chikoma


  1. nice loot! I didn't even realize there were Pokemon legos, I might have to check into that for my son as well :3

  2. I had no idea about the Pokemon legos either. I know my son will freak when he see it

  3. Great haul but sorry to hear about the crack on Shin Musha Gundam. In my opinion, HLJ provide better shipping to most other online toy company.

  4. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ The damage to the Gundam was not due to HLJ at all. It seems I got a bad production one as there was also other issues with a badly drilled holes. Just the luck of the draw on this one :(

  5. I'm kind of curious, do you keep your Gothic Ymir away from your son somehow? Or does he know not to touch your figures? If I remember right she can be stripped down to being topless.

  6. @ lovelyduckie ~ I have been collecting original art for years and have some nekid girls hanging around the house. He seems to take it in stride, but I usually have them in their clothes while displayed in the Detolf's.

    I did have to explain to one of his friends though - not sure what his parents thought ><

  7. Pokemon lego! woot woot O.o
    really i didnt really know that existed lol

  8. you finally got the musha gundam! LOL congrats!


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