Monday, June 28, 2010

Shonen Jump and the Economy

As most of you know, I got my son a subscription to Shonen Jump Magazine. It was much cheaper this way and he is always excited to get it in the mail.

I have been noticing however that they seem to running a bit of a roller coaster of pages. I know that it was a bit light this month, but I was shocked to see it at only 250+ pages. With that low number, I decided to look at the other issues page counts for this year.

Jan 2010 ~ 408 pages < love this number

Feb 2010 ~ 384 pages < dropped
Mar 2010 ~ 392 pages < back up
Apr 2010 ~ 328 pages < big drop
May 2010 ~ 368 pages < back up
Jun 2010 ~ 336 pages < dropped
Jul 2010 ~ 312 pages < dropped again

Aug 2010 ~ 250+ pages < HUGE drop and like the "+" helps anything

As you can see we have lost about 158 pages of Shonen Jump since the start of the year. Now my son does not count the pages, but does read the manga inside. I feel he is being cheated a bit on this, but he is just happy to have it and any card that is included in the mag.Though he does want to see Yu-Gi-OH! back in the story lineups

I hope this is not the future of the magazine as I also like reading it as well and catching up on Naruto, Luffy and Ichigo. I don't really care for Ultimo that much - sorry Stan :(

I am not sure if this is a temporary thing with them or permanent. I just hope they get back in the swing of things and offer some more manga per issue. Thanks to them introducing me to Bakuman, I might be picking this series up.

Have you seen any other mags dropping pages like this in there issues like Yen Plus?

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If you are interested in getting a subscription yourself (which I still recommend), check out the link to your left. It is a great way to get your kids to read and stop playing their video games :)


  1. It just seems like it's only a matter of time before that publication in the U.S. is dropped. Is tick with just buying the volumes of manga these days but I did enjoy Yen Plus while they were still shipping out their anthology.

  2. Bakuman is a really good series. You can learn a lot on how Shoun Jump works, and the art work by deathnote's artist just tops the series off

  3. This does not look good for Viz or Shonen Jump, hopefully this doesen't spell the end of this popular publication. I personally enjoy it, I may consider re-starting my subscription again after graduation? Maybe?

  4. @ lovelyduckie ~ don't tell me that, my son will be crushed :_(

    @Hiroshi ~ I was quite impressed by how much they tell you abut Manga and what is needed to actually write one in Japan.

    @Andrew L. Budny ~ My son love getting it in the mail and reading it. He has his entire collection in his bathroom to help pass the time - LOL


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