Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Site Update & Other Crazy Shit

Some quick updates and then back to the show:

1. Did some design changes using the new Template Designer. Had to tweak it a bit to give it a personal flavor. Kept with the dark theme as it is more my tastes anyway.

2. Finally got finished with getting everyone over to my Blog Rolls -n- Links page. I created my last several banner links for everyone and now it is up and fully operational. If you do not see your site, drop me a line to do a link exchange.

3. My son tried to burn down the kitchen yesterday morning. He did his normal microwaving of a Sausage wrapped in Pancake batter on a stick. Except this time he placed it in for some unknown large number of minutes. After I did not hear it go off (getting dressed myself), I asked him to check on it and all I heard was "DAD!". I can running to see the kitchen filled with smoke. Needless to say all the windows were opened to ventilate and pulled down the smoke alarms as not to scare the hell out of the neighbors.

Now our apartment now smells like someone was having an open fire cookout in it. As for the food he made - lets just say it was charcoaled. This was all due to the fact that his face was glued to the morning cartoon and not on what he should of been watching.

As punishment, my wife took a picture of him sleeping last night on her iPhone. He had crashed in our bed as he does each night until we head for bed. I have no idea how in the hell he could sleep like this, but he was sound asleep.


  1. Nice, i prefer this new theme, specially the sidebar. =D

    and what the hell lol, didnt he get a cramp of his leg? O.o

  2. Phew, nice save there. At least there was any more damage ^^;

  3. @ Fabrice ~ I pulled his legs straight after my wife took the pics.

    @anonymous_object ~ no further damage, but now everything we cook in the microwave has a smokey taste to it - LOL

  4. Odd, that's how I sleep as well. Except I'm usually on my head with my feet in the air. To each his own I guess.

    I really dig the new layout. Looks awesome!

  5. Sorry to hear about the mishap. Fortunately no one got hurt. My son must have felt really bad over the incident.

  6. I like this new theme too. It's wider.

    Anyways, your son has a really... interesting sleep posture.


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