Saturday, July 24, 2010

Black ★ Rock Shooter Tease

I finally got my Black ★ Rock Shooter figure in from Giant Robot. I got this from them because it came signed by someone. I am not going to reveal who yet as I need to do a nice photo shoot of her. Now if you look really hard, you may be able to see who signed it.

I used my smaller camera and the shots are a bit grainy, but that was fine with me. I have to get out my other camera and do this up proud for such a cool figure.

I am also heading out to Fye this morning to see what is up with the Anime Sale they are having today. I shout out to Anime Full Circle on posting this or I would never had know - Thx!


  1. No problamo bluedrakon!!!! Hopefully you got some good stuff. Nice figure btw!!!!

  2. i want her >.<
    she looks so nice.. dam it!

  3. @ Andrew ~ Fye kind of sucked ><

    @ Fabrice ~ I hope to have the shots up this week I took of her

  4. Nice figure of Black ★ Rock Shooter and I will be waiting faithfully to more up close shot.

  5. She's so lovely!

    Is that Huke I see?

  6. @Dennis ~ should be up soon

    @Yi ~ She is pretty and yes, that is Huke you see.


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