Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random Blog about Stuff

Sorry it has been a while since I posted. I have had some stuff some up that I needed to attend to. I know it has been a week and seems like a lifetime on the internet. Here are some random stuff I wanted to upload for your enjoyment.

Bakugan Giant Robot Style:

I finally found a cool Bakugan I can call my own that reminds me of the Giant Robots of yesteryear. I still need to pick up the red/orange and black/green version my son said he saw so I can have an army. Here is the packaging and the cool cards that come with it (one has a metal insert to "pop" the ball open and the other is a plan card).

Baby Gundam Figure

I also could not keep my hands out of my son's Gundam Collection DX #8 box. I should be saving that for him as "rewards" for good behavior and stuff, but I couldn't resist. I finally opened one and put it together. My wife commented on how in the hell they paint such tiny figure and make the so detailed.

I have it with my GFF figures and he really is itty bitty next to them. My son has not seen it yet and I am sure to hear an ear full when he does. Here is the one I got out of the box - damn they are so "Kawaii" - LOL.

Manga Collection

What do you do with your old Manga's that you have already read?

I have been re-reading them as time goes on while I wait for the new ones to arrive. I have given some away on a contest and may do that again later. I have a small collection compared to the rest of the readers out there. I usually also have some that are "not the norm" as I like to read a variety of stuff.


  1. Man, you always get the coolest stuff!!

  2. I dont have much manga's, only like 4 series lol
    If you want you can sell them and get newer series... anyway just a suggestion ^^

  3. @ Metal Head Band ~ I am sure you have some cool stuff as well in your closet!

    @ Fabrice ~ I have donated some Manga to my local Library recently. I might think about selling as well

  4. The Bakugan Robot is cool! I hope it can soon be completed with limps.

  5. For old mangas, I re-read them when I need to kill time... Like in the bathroom.

  6. You probably already know this but...I keep all mine. Also nothing wrong with reading a unique manga. I love manga that aren't as widespread popular as the top shoujo or shonen series.


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