Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School

Just got my son on to the bus this morning for his first day of the new school year. They used to pick the kids up at the entrance to the apartment complex. Now this year, they have signs posted for pickup points. It would of been nice to know that after walking almost to the entrance.

As with every new day, there was a mix up on where the kids get picked up. It was funny watching the his school bus drive right past the stop to get all the kids. Just goes to show you that even they were confused by the new layout. He got loaded on with the other 15 or so kids and was leaving 10 minutes late. Hope his school does not mark him tardy :(

Has school started in the your area of the world yet?

Here is something funny we found driving around this weekend. We had to take a picture to showcase our tax dollars at work in Maryland. I guess they want to make sure that the deer obey the rules of the road.


  1. Wow, school is starting already? It's mid August! Thats crazy. Glad I'm done with all that. lol...

    I sat there and stared at that picture for like 5 minutes trying to make sense of it. I got nothing. heh.

  2. One very good thing about your place is definitely not having too many cars on the road like Singapore. Lol...

  3. This Friday, Kindergarten starts for our little one. My wife teaches at a high school and they started last week.

  4. @Seantaku ~ My wife submitted the pic to Failed Blog > < pass your time and vote if you can

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I do feel better that the stop is right out our door

    @ LEon ~ I only miss my days at the Art Institute, reg school suxz

    @Issac Quintana ~ we have been gearing towards this since last week, supplies, new shoes & clothes . . .

  5. Hope his first day went well ^^. I remember how weird (and depressing) it felt going back to school for the first time after summer break. But you got used to it pretty quickly >_<

    As for that strange road layout... perhaps they're planning wayyy ahead for future development? xD

  6. with no kids of my own I've lost track of when the younger ones head back to school. But Labor Day I'm helping my sis move back into her dorm.

  7. I recently just graduated from college and I've been enjoying having no school at all. It feels a little weird but kind of nice to hear people going back to school. Anyways, I think schools are starting around my area too.

  8. @anonymous_object ~ he had a good day and so far loves his teacher.

    @lovelyduckie ~ have fun on the move, it can be a bit crazy heading back

    @Yi ~ My mom was surprised school started so soon. When I went to school, we didn't start until after Labor Day

  9. my college doesnt start till september 20th~ wooh! still got some time to watch anime~~


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