Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Hate Figure Lotteries!!!!

I was looking up stuff for future blogs and happened across this new figure from MegaHouse of CORE Queens Blade EX Excellent color 2P Wild Risty. I have the first version which I love and wanted to see when this would be out. I found it over at Hobby Channel (in Japanese) and know I had to add it to my Queen's Blade Figure collection.

The colors are different and she has battle damaged clothes. Her hair seems lighter and her cloak is also more of a blue color as well. She even has purple pantsu O-o

Here is a link to my review of the original figure ~ Risty.
Sexy 2P Version of Risty
I got my Google Treanslator powered up and punched in the web address to see the release date. I come to find out IT IS A FUCKING LOTTERY for a limited release of 1500 pieces. I tried to translate the Lottery page in hopes of at least giving it a shot and could not get it to work !@#$%^&*()

I really hate lotteries!

Price: 7,140 yen (tax included) plus shipping and handling / registration period
Sales Lottery Period: July 25 - August 3, 2010
Lottery Registration Site: < for those of you that can do it and know that I am looking at you right now with loathing in my eyes!
BTW: Good news I got was that my figure of Vante was finally being shipped from HobbyFan so I will be able to place her with Yuit now.


  1. Looks awesome! Good Luck! Maybe a proxy can help you out?

  2. I also hate figure lotteries. Also figure pre-orders that need a certain amount of orders before they'll get made, and if it doesn't reach that number it disappears forever into the void of good ideas that never made the cut.

  3. @lovelyduckie ~ Great suggestion, never tried that and not too sure I am confident in doing that

    @Persocom ~ I guess they want to make sure they have enough demand before the supply. Still sucks though as you have expectations and then dashes to the wind

  4. She looks lovely... I guess if it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be.
    Also, congrats on Vante.

  5. @ Yi ~ Agree with you on that & I guess I save money for another day :)

    She shipped today FedEX !!!

  6. I find women with abs scary....but on an artistic scale she look awesome!

  7. @Hiroshi, I would agree with you, but the boobies and arse really get my attention 0_o

  8. Whoaa I remember seeing Ritsu on Lyilbellue some time back...this alternate color scheme is really growing fond on me.....

    Boobies and arse haha no doubt are the main attraction :P

  9. You and me both... Though my hatred is more for DD lotteries ^^; Volks does pretty much the same thing. Trying to acquire some of the older releases is nigh-near impossible. Unless you're willing to pay literally thousands of dollars T_T

    Silly Japanese companies should just make more of the items. More items, more buyers, more profit for them. At least that's my opinion...

  10. @chubbybots ~ it has nice colors on the 2P version and yes, love the bod!

    @anonymous_object ~ I am not even going to attempt this on the secondary market. I don't know why they do it either - just nuts if you ask me. If the first on sold well, the dammit, get the 2P version out as well.


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