Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend Haul > Manga, Mags & a Light

We went down to visit my mom in Baltimore today. It has been a while since we were there and wanted to drop by. It is also a great time for me and my wife to escape from our son for a few hours and be on our own.

I wanted to go to Barnes & Noble in hopes of getting some Manga I have not been able to find at Borders. I did not find Gurren Lagann 05, but managed to get Dorohedoro and a couple magazines my wife found for me Neo and Otaku USA).

I picked up Dorohedoro as I have been liking what VIZ Signature has been putting out and this had plenty of bloody violence. You can check out a quick review I did of the first volume of Dorohedoro.

Since NewType USA went the way of the Dodo (along with stupid PIQ), there are only a couple mags that deal with stuff form Japan. Now Otaku USA ($5.99 USD)is a good well round US Mag on the wonderful stuff we all love (Anime, Manga, Movies, Games, Cosplay, Music . . .). I enjoy that they have Manga Previews to read. I like most of their articles, but sometimes seem one sided at times.

Now NEO ($8.99 USD) is another magazine I like, but it is from the United Kingdom. Though it seems to be a bit behind stuff here in the US in reference to Anime, I do like the fact it goes more indepth with Live action movies. They seem to not dwell on the popular stuff and get into stuff that I guess would not interest us in the US. I however love the fact that they do that :) I do get into Live Action Asian Movies more than most other people.

Personally, I like NEO more than Otaku USA < sorry guys :(

We also hit IKEA and I wanted to get a small light for my desk. I get tired of having the overhead room light on all the time. I would rather have a just enough light to work by. I was able to pick up one called Jansjo for $9.99 USD.

It is a cute little blank light that give just enough light to type by as you can see below (bit blurry, but you get the idea). I need to tidy up my desk as it is getting cluttered again. I did have an issue with it on the outlet my UPS uses for my computer as it kept flickering. I had to move it over to another power outlet to get it to stop. I guess too much of a power drain :(

Are there any cool Magazines in your area that showcase the wonderful world of Anime, Manga, Games, Music Movies .  . ?


  1. I still have one or two copies of Newtype U.S featuring Gundam Seed. Otaku & Neo is new to me which I have see them sold in Singapore. Great haul on anime updates.

  2. @ Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I actually had mine until I moved up to MD.

  3. it suck how NewsType and magazine alone those line are no longer available in US, at least not in kotobukiya any more, cuz of questionable content =_= *sigh....* All those awesome poster gone... TT__TT

  4. *i mean kinokuniya, lol kotobukiya is the toy company xD

  5. Hey the light is very handy! Nice buy!

  6. @otakuartist / Hiroshi ~ lol, I would not have noticed > really sad of me :(

    @LEon ~ it is nice and small, but give plenty of light where I need it. Might see how it works for the figures later

  7. All we get here is OtakuUSA that I can recall. I haven't really looked for magazines in quite some time because usually the articles seem pretty biased. I could use a desktop light myself..

  8. I've never seen NEO before but I've had a subscription to Otaku USA for about 2 years now. Buddy got it for me as a birthday gift.

    I was SOOO mad the day I found out Newtype was going away. That was my favorite magazine.

  9. @Persocom ~ I have to agree with you on OtakuUSA - seems like an oversized advertisement than a magazine

    @Seantaku ~ I have only seen NEO at Barnes & Noble stores. I was pissed as I lost $$ as I had a subscription to NewTypeUSA.

  10. Never heard of Neo until now, it's hard to believe Neo isn't more about popular stuff when the whole cover is dedicated to Bleach but I'll believe you. I like Otaku USA, they're the ones that made me aware of Pluto and 20th Century Boys and I'm very grateful for that. But I'm hesitant to renew my subscription in case they go under. It seems like far too many anime magazines have closed down while I still had an open subscription.

  11. Dude! you have the otaku USA with the hetalia cover!! My favorite anime. Sadly I don't have that verison of the magizine, but I want it so i'm looking everywhere online!


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