Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What did you draw on your Math Test!?!?!?!

My son had extra time after his Math test last week. He should of reviewed his questions as he did get 2 wrong, but still 89%. We reviewed his missed answers so he know what he did wrong.

But this isn't why I am writing about his math test, it was what he did while waiting for everyone else to finish. He has been watching an Anime recently and has taken a strong liking to it. From his drawing below, can you guess the Anime?

For even more fun, can you tell me the characters he drew as well from the Anime?

I will update this later with the answers :)


  1. Not sure but if I was to guess I would say One Piece.

  2. It definitely 'One Piece'. Training to draw anime from young. Good training!

  3. @everyone > Yes, it is One Piece :)

    Now can you guess the characters?

  4. The one at left edge is Monkey D. Luffy!

    I'm not sure if the one in the water is Chopper hehe...

  5. @everyone ~ here is who is on the boat going left to right as noted by my son:

    Monkey D Luffy

  6. @xosplay mimay ~ yep, my son really got her in the right pose for this - LOL


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