Friday, October 01, 2010

Cosplay: I-No from Guilty Gear

Lets take a look at a Gaming Character this week for our Cosplay. I saw the figure before I ever knew of the game and just wanted her. She first appeared in Guilty Gear XX (Wiki) and has been going strong ever since.

She is a hot sexy, guitar-strumming woman who works for That Man, who was the creator of the gears. She uses her electric guitar to not only bludgeon, but also plays it to create deadly sonic waves. She also wears a witch's hat that can fire stuff out of a mouth that seems to be hidden in it.

Now lets take a look at all the great gals that took the time to cosplay her, I mean honestly, you have to look - I dare you to turn away!

Ayane Shiranui




Minami Miki


Like always ~ any favorites this week?


  1. This much be a really popular character with many cosplaying it.

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I actually had a bit of luck finding them. It was not as popular as others I usually post.

  3. Favorites this time probably go to Ayane Shiranui or Itsuya for me.

  4. @Yi ~ I have to agree with you on Ayane Shiranui

  5. Wow! Your good at researching, are you a search engine?hehe..

    Anyhow, Minami Miki is sexy she has a long leg.

  6. @Cosplayer Mimay ~ I just spend HOURS looking for these. I actually have a folder full of sites that I reference for these.


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