Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Been off the Grid for the last couple of days. Taking it easy and spending quality time with the family.

I have been wanting to get some photos posted of the Maryland Renaissance Festival we went to last weekend. We had a fun playing games, riding elephants and looking in all the shoppes. To celebrate today, I have posted all the people who were in period costumes as well as some of the performers. I will however start off with a picture on me kind of in cosplay - well - actually halk of me was for today.

Now for the serious people who actually took the time to have fun and do it right. I was amazed by the variety and age range of them. Some were shoppe keepers, actual actors and then just people having a good time.

Of course, I had to add the wonderful breasts of plenty that we all love to see at the RenFaire - thank you honey for letting he take this shot of your bosom.


  1. Halloween at your side is very much of a carnival and I can tell the day meant a lot to you and the folks there. Over in Singapore, i rather say people know little of the day's significance but more of a night for them to alcohol party. Sigh.... For me, it was any normal day.

  2. It is interesting knowing how other countries celebrate the holidays and the differences.

    Since my son was a Ninja, I told him as his Shogun, he had to get me as much candy as he could get. After 2 full buckets, he asked if it was enough.

  3. My pirate costume from Halloween could probably be changed just enough so that I could fit into costume spirit of the fair.

  4. Nice photos! I love RenFaire. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I wanna go! :D

  5. @lovelyduckie ~ you sure would of fit in fine on Pirate Weekend

    @Hikaru Kazushime ~ It was the first time I actually asked people to take their photo. I just wish I got more lovely lasses.


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