Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Fall Season Anime Run Through

Lets take a look at the Anime I am watching this Fall season. I will do a quick "what ya think" and then move on to the next one. Kind of a rapid fire review of the Anime's I am keeping up with with this season. I want to watch more, but do not really have the time.

Hyakka Ryoran ~ on eps 6
If you get a kick out of Queen's Blade, but want something with more crazy drama, this is it. How much more silly can you get than a naked girl dropping from the heavens into your arms. Mixed that up with a single guy surrounded by various hot chicks is great - great pantsu shots. As you get to see episode 4 it's just about kissing which is a bit odd in itself, but you find out way after the hi jinks. Only pitfall is those damn inkblots that show up and cover the good parts - you know what I mean. I also like the style they used in this Anime with the black outlining is very cool to me.

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt ~ on eps 6
This is just watched for the pure fun of it. Does not make a whole lot of sense at times, but love the concept. Panties = Guns & Stocking = Sword. Kind of kinky for a couple of angels trying to make it back to Heaven. What I especially like is that you get two 15 minute episodes per show. I also like how they mix the different type of Anime styles in a single episode as well. If you have a twisted and demented mind like me, this is a great show for you ~ not topic is off limits. I said this before, it is the Powerpuff Girls if it was made by my some Sex-Crazed Foul Language Lunatic.

Star Driver ~ on eps 5
Kind of mixed on this especially after the Yaoi scene in episode 4. I thought it would be a good show to watch as it has Mecha. I had not damn Idea it would be a "Dandy Masked Mecha" who danced. Has a ring of Code Geass as there are kids form both groups going to the same school. The whole stop time and battle is a bit odd as it is the same thing that would happen in Bakugan my son watched. The Mecha in this also seem to be crash test dummies that need a human host to run. It is funny watching them Slam the mask onto the console and then watch it turn into their persona. Then only have one Mecha fight all the bad guys seems a bit ego-ish for me as well. The only other odd thing is the Yellow Fox animal is the Vice President - whats up with that?

Super Robot Wars Taisen OG - eps 4
Not been keeping up with this but not because I don't like it. Lovely Mecha and even lovelier ladies make an great combo. The ending credits really give you an eye full of what I am taking about. Besides that, the battles are fair with some good shots. I think the massive Air Warships also add a nice punch. For something based off a game and in its second season does say a lot for the show. They keep the Mecha in a more traditional format and not too many crazy designs (except for the Female Mecha - HUGE CHEST PLATE). The anime seems a bit off though and seems to at times to reflect an older genre of Anime. Not sure if this is intentional or not.

Well, that's it from me for now. Let me know if you have any favorite picks that I should check out.


  1. @Kluxorious ~ have a lot going on and needed to keep the number low. Otherwise would never gett o watch them all :)

  2. Nice list. I wish I had time to pick up Hyakka Ryoran too... But that's life.

  3. @ Yi ~ the perv in me could not resist it :P


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