Friday, November 05, 2010

Cosplay" Lust from Full Metal Alchemist

Missed last Friday's Cosplay post, so needed to get something to make it up. Who better to get your cosplay hormones raging than a little Lust. One of the more lovely homunculi in the Full Metal Alchemist series. If there was a deadly SIn I want to get busted for, it would be this one ;)

Sexy seductress if there ever was one, but those really long nails have to go. The first homunculi to show up and was the leader of the others. Seems her demise differs from the Manga to Anime which was add to me. But alas we have to rid ourselves of our sins sooner or later.

Lets get to the lovely ladies who decided to bring her to life.


What are your fav's this time around?

btw: I have to say this time around, I can't pick a fav as they are all "Lusty".


  1. Lust is the greatest anime chick ever!!!! and as for my favorite,I have to go with Ayane, she really pulls the look of her off quite well!!!!!

  2. @Andrew L. Budny ~ not sure about that, but Lust always has a good side

  3. This is a rare sight. I don't think I've ever seen Lust cosplay. Very lovely though. The nails are just awesome. Dark, dangerous, and sexy!!

  4. It's hard to say who I like best, but Lust cosplay should def have her weapons of choice extended if possible.

  5. My name is Lindze. Not "Lindez". just thought you might want to know! =)

  6. @lindze ~ my apologize for not catching that :( All fixed :)

  7. I like cosplay from Endleria and some photo by Lindze! I think they are the best!)

    1. They were very cool and that video on the link was very elegant as well.


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