Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Poll Results for Ghost in the Shell

Decided to have some fun with my occasional poll on the Blog. It was decided to post one to see who your favorite Ghost in the Shell Character was.

Overall, it came as no real shock to me who would come out on top. I have to say however I also surprise but who also was picked. Major Motoko Kusanagi won over all with 9 votes while I did have a tie between Tosuga & Tachikoma with 3 votes each. I wished I had more voters, but you get what you get and have to live with it.

Since Motoko won, I did a my last cosplay on her character to acknowledge the winner of the poll. It seemed fitting as she is such a hot character to play in any of her roles in the anime.

To see how it all ran down, here are the numbers from Top to Bottom. I also tried to showcase their earlier and later versions of themselves from the Anime's. I did this for the characters that actually got a vote. Feel kind of bad for some of them as they got no love for the Internet :(

9 Votes - Major Motoko Kusanagi

4 Votes - Batou

3 Votes - Togusa

3 Votes - Tachikoma

3 Votes - Saito

1 Vote - Ishikawa

0 Votes - Borma

0 Votes - Daisuke Aramaki

0 Votes - Kubota (this was my wild card as he was buddies w/Aramaki)

0 Votes - Paz

Hope everyone had fun picking their favorite. I now have a new Poll up on the sidebar for ya to vote on. This time it is for you Favorite Hair Color for an Anime Character poll. I think I got all the colors I could think of and hope me no missed one.


  1. Hmmm.. no sexy character today huh?hehe..

    Anyhow, my favorite color for an Anime Character will be Orange just like Ichigo and Inoue of Bleach :D

  2. Hmmm, not much of a surprise ^^; Mokoto is pretty awesome (and sexy) but Batou is a pretty cool guy too ;)

  3. Tachikoma should get more vote for its cuteness. Lol...

  4. naw, I voted for Batou... T_T

    Fun story about the first time I watched this movie. I was living in Texas, and my dad and I were watching this on a whim (I asked and he did one of those, "only if I watch it with you" even though he hadn't seen the movie before). Thankfully, my father had to walk out of the room each time nudity came up, cause there was this guy over at our house fixing our air conditioner. Well it got to the scene in the elevator with the Major and Batou talking to each other and the air conditioner guy was waiting by the front door for my dad to give him the check. The dude started watching the movie with me. Now, being about 13, I had a hard time following the movie the first time I saw it. I was trying my best to follow what was happening when I heard the dude behind me say in the strongest southern accent I've ever heard in my life, "What's Wrong... With his Eyes?"

    I told him I didn't know, but honestly I was trying really hard not to laugh. Just the way he said it. There was such confusion and concern in his voice. You could really tell he had no idea what the hell was going on.

    Sorry for the long story, this just reminded me of that, and I thought I'd share.

  5. Yea, the results weren't that shocking. I kind of expected Motoko, Batou, Togusa, and Tachikoma to be at the top.

  6. @Cosplayer Mimay ~ Check out my Cosplay for PaSwG - stunning and sexy

    @anonymous_object ~ I thought the Tachikoma's might do better

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ always the mecha with you but have to agree as well

    @cjhitchcock ~ I don't think I remember my first time, but know that I did watch it twice to see everything again

    @Yi ~ I have to agree with you on that. no really shock for me either except for some of the other ones


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