Saturday, November 20, 2010

Panty & Stocking AND Scanty & Knee Socks Cosplay

Again I am late with the Cosplay Blog. Been a bit out of it and trying to get things in order. Started a new job this week and other stuff keeping me busy, so not been on the net a whole lot. I know I usually have a single character with multiple cosplayers, but have taken a detour on that one for today.

I was checking out Sankaku Complex and ran across this. It is a cosplay of Scanty and Knee Socks from the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. I was quite impressed with the outfits and details on the characters. This would of been a great pair alone, but they also cosplayed Panty and Stocking as well. Holy Shit, both main character duos from the same anime and Damn Hot to boot.

Now to introduce these Lovely Ladies, we have Tasha (Panty & Scanty) and Eki (Stocking and Knee Socks). They hail from Korea which was interesting to me as I have not heard of many cosplayers in that country. I really have to give it to both these ladies as they nailed each character they played. If they did a live action movie of the anime, they damn well better give both the ladies a call to do the BOTH of the characters.

I only did group shots of them for now, but I am sure you will check out more on the links I provided at the bottom of the blog. Now on with the show:

Panty & Stocking

Scanty & Knee Socks

Source: Sankaku Complex | Tasha ~ Blog & Cure | Eki ~ Blog & Cure


  1. damn, Panty & Stocking cosplay already? 0_o That was quick.

  2. @cjhitchcock ~ been a few so far, but these pair really kicked it into high gear

  3. Awesome cosplaying that is some pleasing to the eyes. Thanx for sharing!

  4. OMG! Korean Cosplayers are sexy! Hope you feature more of them :)

    Hmmm, I should look after Tasha and Eki.

  5. @Bluedrakon, You really enjoy blogging about cosplayer lol

  6. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ thx! I really need to get some Gundam cosplay for ya soon :)

    @Ana Cruz ~ I was shocked as well and have saved them as fav's on my Cure acct

    @Cosplay Mimay ~ it brings in the views and is enjoyable to research them all :)

  7. Oh wow, Panty and Stocking are really cute! I'm totally in love.

  8. Superior cosplay indeed! I'm a few episodes behind on P&S though and haven't gotten to Scanty & Knee Socks yet. Need to catch up over the long weekend ;)

  9. @Yi ~ They are a great matching set

    @anonymous_object ~ wait til you get to that episode - OMG!

    @lovelyduckie ~ I am in Love with them :3

  10. Awesome, I wonder if I shall ever know people who could pull this off.

  11. My only complaint is a strong lack of Chuck


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