Thursday, December 02, 2010

Video Games and the Christmas Sales - ARG!

I have to say that I will go to any lengths to get my Son what he wants and to get something on sale as well. This is an interesting story with a few car trips to your Major Stores (Wal-mart & Toys R Us).

It all starts with my son wanting the Beyblade DSi game. Of course like all stuff he wants, there is not just one kind to get. Here is the ad he saw in his Shonen Jump magazine that got it all started.

More on this later. Now we had some fun this past weekend giving my son to my Mom - YEAAAAAAAAAAA!! Which means we had time to go shopping for Yule (Christmas for the majority of the world). Now we got ourselves an early gift - Donkey Kong: Country Returns for Wii. We have been trying to find a game we can play together and this fit the bill.

I have to say it was a great game and it is quite challenging (though the pigs do offer hints in the game). Pretty much the premise is a Tiki Volcano God has taken all the bananas and Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong (what happened to Donkey Kong Jr) have to get them all back. I found it quite fun as did my wife, but we only got to the second stage - LOL. We got it a Wal-mart as we saved $0.03 over Toys R Us (wow!).

We went out to get him the Beyblade DSi game at Toys R Us. I thought it was the one he wanted, but we came to find out it was NOT! He wanted the one from Wal-mart which was not as easy as I thought to find.

My wife wanted the Zumba for the Wii. Not something I was getting her, but she hopes it will be better than the Wii Fit and more fun. After the weekend sales, we find that Toys R Us is now offering a sale on Wii Games, buy Donkey Kong or Mickey Mouse Epic and get another one at 50% off. WTF, I just got this at Wal-mart - damn it.

Now a plan is hatching in my mind as I have to return a game, and buy 2 now. I go the Wal-Mart that is near my work and they have the Beyblade my son wants on Tuesday. Now I have two of the games, but need to return one back to Toys R Us. Here is where my fun really starts.

On Wednesday, I go to Toys R Us, return the Beyblade DSi game and also get a few more bucks off some of the other toys I got him - yeah! Went to their Electronics section to see if they had Zumba - which they did. I go ahead and buy Donkey Kong: Country Returns (full price) with Zumba (1/2 price), plus some DSI sticks for my son as he keep loosing them.

Now I have 2 Donkey Kong: Country Returns, so off the Wal-mart. (Just so you know, I kept all my receipts or this would never of happened). I returned Donkey Kong: Country Returns to them (lost $0.03 on the transaction as they were cheaper). But now that all that driving and waiting in the return lines are over, my son will have what he wants, my wife will have what she wants and I still can Rumble the ground in Donkey Kong: Country Returns.

In the end, I saved $19.96 (plus tax) on everything.

Anything this crazy (or BAKA) you have done this holiday season to save a few $$?


  1. lol Well done sir!

    I wish I had a Wii so I could play Donkey Kong. I did hear that it was pretty challenging which I like.

  2. And I'm sure that $19.96 went start towards putting gas back into the car. :D

    Joking aside, I too have been trying to scrap together my pennies for Christmas gifts for my sister. I bought her this PS3 game called, "Trinity Universe." A Dungeon crawling RPG with chibi anime characters, which is my sister's favorite type of game. So I'm sure she's going to love it. Its put be back a bit this month, but I'll manage and it makes me look awesome come Christmas time.

  3. @Seantaku ~ so far only played it once as been busy running around - lol

    @cjhitchcock ~ I know they will love the game from what you said. I want to see which DSi game my son puts in first as I also got him Pokemon Soulsilver

  4. has your wife tried Just Dance or Just Dance 2? She may like them.


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