Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Asuka Langley - Dark Brigade Figure

I know I have been out of the blog-o-sphere for over a week. Been stupidly busy with nothing and should of posted a while ago. I guess needed some down time to re-energize my batteries, but they are still damn drained. Well, I can't say I have been that damn lazy as I got this post for ya.

I had gotten this a while ago - It is Evangelion EX Daibouken Figure: Dark Brigade Asuka Langley. I was trying to get both Rei and Asuka, but they only had Asuka at the time.

She comes with 3 weapons (Sword, Battle Axe and Spear). She actually has he hand holding the sword, while the others are embedded in the base behind her. I was surprised by the overall use of black instead of red on the figure. They did keep with her color scheme with the weapons as well as he under garments - heehee.

I was able to get outside before it got to cold for this little shoot. I had to walk around my apartment complex and finally found a cool site to do this. It was in a area they have setup for overflow of water and it had some natural rocks popping up.

Without further a-do, lets get on with the show:

Rotating 4 Poses

Other Cool Shots

Infamous Pantsu Shot

Can anyone let me know where to get the companion Rei Ayanami Dark Brigade figure? I really would like to complete this collection :)


  1. I like this alternate costume and her chibi face. She's adorable. ^ ^

  2. I don't know about this character but the figure is very nice. The pic on the weapons look really realistic. I like medieval character like Parn in Lodoss Wars.

  3. Haha! Pantsu! There is no way that there's no pantsu on your blog post. It's indeed your specialty.

  4. @Yi ~ She is quite cheerful in this stature with some excitement.

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ the weapons were kind of dangerous - I was concerned I might poke an eye out

    @Cosplayer Mimay ~ Have to draw in the crowds some how :)

  5. You think a one week break is a long time? Man, I take one month breaks all the time xD

    This is a pretty cute Asuka figure ^^. I like the fantasy theme with swords and the skimpy outfit (wait, isn't that all Eva outfits...?)

  6. Nice figures as always mate! Oh, and btw....I'm back! ^_^

  7. @anonymous_object ~ For me it is a long time as I enjoy doing this. I still am looking for Rei to complete the set :(

    @Metal Head Bard ~ Dude, I thought you fell off the face of the Earth - nice to have ya back

  8. I like your background choice, it looks like she is a warrior in mountainous/rough terrain.


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