Monday, January 24, 2011

FYE closed and my Wallet Empty

Well, FYE in Hagerstown, MD last day of operation was yesterday. The good news is Suncoast (part of FYE) is still open and I have someplace to get my anime stuff.

Here is the breakdown of what we all got from there over the days we went shopping over 5 trips:

17 CD's (1 for me and 16 for my wife)
17 DVD's (10 for me and 7 for my son) - some box sets
6 Blu-rays (all me, but for family times)
5 T-Shirts
1 Kingdom Hearts Bathrobe (son)
10- 4pks of Energizer Lithium batteries (for Wii and Camera)
5 packs of Anime Pin sets
1 Naruto necklace
1 Gurren Lagann Wristband
1 Gurren Lagan keychain
4 bottles of Ramune
2 Large Snickers
2 backs of Japanese Jelly Candies
2 boxes of Panda Candy (Japan)
6 Patches for my Sons jeans
8 pks of Pirate Cards (build pirate ships and game - son)
1 large pack of Yu-GiOh! cards

It was a family affair that took much of our wallet, but less than it really would of been. The last weekend was the biggest savings as stuff really dropped on the food and anime related stuff. If I really had the cash, it would of been ugly around here. I wanted all of it, but had to breakdown what I really wanted instead of the nice to have, but not really need stuff. Honestly for 75% it was hard not to grab it all.

I now own a couple hentai animes - F3 (Frantic, Frustrated & Female) and Xtra Credit - Debauchery 101. For a little ecchi, I went with Mouse v2 and Kekko Kamen. It was funny as my wife actually picked out Xtra Credit as she wanted to see it. I am such a dirty boy - lol

Here is the final cost of everything that we bought and saved:

Total Spent: $434.67 (includes tax)
Total Saved: $640.41

This could of been higher if I went for more CD's as well as DVD's and they had more anime related stuff as well.

Have you had any store close and you went all out on stuff?


  1. Wow! That's quite a lot of money spent but also a lot of items bought. Thought you spent money on DVD & collectibles just last week.

  2. Wow, over $400 spent? That's quite a lot of money. But even more impressive is the $640 saved.

  3. I haven't shopped at a store in person for my hobbies since junior high. When the Suncoast in my mall closed down I turned to the internet.

  4. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ This includes that little purchase last week. BTW - son has already watched the SD Gundam DVD's he got and I need to order a couple more. He wants the figures / models

    @Yi ~ More than we were going to spend, but not often this happens.

    @lovelyduckie ~ Amazon is our friend :)

  5. Although you know I read a statistic the other day that said most manga is bought in person at Borders. I was shocked to see that.

  6. @lovelyduckie ~ that is freaky as that is actually where I get mine O_o

  7. nice gets! I'm gonna go crazy like this sometime next month I hope, but it'd be great if I could find a sale like that :3 Just got a Wii myself so I'll have to hunt down some better batteries. It always sucks when a good store closes down. The only place I can get anime is Best Buy and they have a horribly tiny selection and usually don't even get half the titles that the website advertises. Barnes and Noble is the manga fix. You should do reviews of the hentai :P

  8. @Persocom ~ I usually buy my Anime online. Borders is my Manga store and they usually are good with stuff.

    I plan on watching the hentai and may review over at Finally Anime site. It has been like months since I did a blog and we are getting spammed like everyday :(


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