Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fye Store Closing Haul

We went out to Valley Mall here in Hagerstown to find some "ship" cards for my son (the Pirate Ship building card game). We know that Fye was going out of business, so we stopped there first.

It was a good idea as they were now in the last 7 days and the clearance was 30 to 80% off. New and used DVD's were 50% off and Blu-ray's were 40%. Needless to say, we spent a few dollars and got this nice haul below.

My son found what he was looking for in spades while me and my wife had to do a little hunting. I got some Anime as did my son. While my wife went for some CD's and patches (for my son's pants). We even picked up some food and drinks before leaving. The only bad part of this was that I need to find Gunbuster 2 Vol 1 and my son needs to find SD Gundam Vol 6.

We are planning to go back tomorrow as my wife wanted to research what she wants to buy. I nearly (and probably will) pick up some Hentai as they had F3 there and some others. The Anime selection is a bit dated, but still worth the time. Bonus was if you found something with an orange dot, it was 70% off. Anything that ended in $0.88 (eighty eight cents), than it was 80% off.

All in all, we spent $95.20 on everything, while saving $130.66 in the end. We averaged out at about 60% the prices.

Here is a breakdown of each of our separate hauls.

My Wife's Haul

My Son's Haul

My Haul

Food and Drinks


  1. What a big catch with real good deal! Those Hello Panda looks premium and yummy! Lol...

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ we actually went back and I got Evangelion:1.11 SE and Mouse v2, plus some candy :)


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