Friday, January 14, 2011

Rei Ayanami Plugsuit Cosplay

I guess I will keep with a Neon Genesis Evangelion Cosplay theme this month.

As noted last month, I have not done Rei yet. This week however, we do have that lovely blue haired girl for you to gauze at. It was not much harder to find her in the plug suit than Asuka. I just wonder how they fit in those costumes as some leave little to the imagination.

Like last week, I have 5 lovely ladies for your to enjoyment. I know there is a boat load more, but I need to keep this reasonable. I did find several of both of them together which I may showcase another day.

If I missed your cosplay of Rei Ayanami in her plug suit, there is always next time. If I do not have a link for you or it is incorrect, please let me know.

Lets get on with the show as you aren't hear to ready anyway :P


  1. Nice pics except the last (nice try). Lol.... The gals must be suffering in those plugsuits while cosplaying. Poor ventilation. Lol...

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ should of made it a ringer near the middle - LOL.

  3. I wonder if anybody thought why the last girl is "Unknown" :))

  4. @undeadinfinity ~ I did try to find her name, but wouldn't ya know, I couldn't find it - LOL

  5. Mostly nice cosplays with a few exception. I liked Iiniku Ushijima and Namada the most I think.

  6. Iniku takes this one away for me. She has that sorta look in her eyes ya know? The one rei always gives to shinji. Not to mention the ass shots all have a "yes sir" look to them, sorta just like she's following orders and doesn't really care about the perverse aspect of it.


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