Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gantz - Live Action Movie

Looks like they are doing a One Night World Premiere of Gantz Live Action movie this week (01/20).

I actually stated watching this Anime, but kind of dropped it as was not that much into it. Having all the characters in black skin tight suits did have a draw for me in the beginning though.

It is a bizarre tale of dead people playing a "game" to save humanity from an alien invasion. It is an intriguing idea that seems to continue to expand into a even more bizarre set of circumstances. In the end, they are given their humanity back as the aliens drop in for a little world domination.

Not really my cup of tea, but seeing hot chicks in full body latex suits adds a bit of fetish to the series that will draw in the masses. There is also a nude scene that I know was in the Manga that will be duplicated in the movie.

I was able to find that it is playing in my area but still a bit of a drive. Not sure I am going to head out to watch this as I am not sure it is something I am interested in by myself. The prices were about the norm at $12.50/person. Since you can order online, it makes it that much easier to do. I would actually hate to drive somewhere to find the show I wanted to see was sold out.

Anyone going to see this movie in their part of the world?

Now for the humorous side of Gantz thanks to Pokemon


  1. It actually sounds more what I would be into...hmmm...

  2. I can check out FYE and see if they still have it in stock

  3. "Not really my cup of tea, but seeing hot chicks in full body latex suits" haha! You nailed it right! :D

  4. That pokemon Gantz image made me chuckle.

  5. @Cosplayer Mimay ~ yeppers

    @Yi ~ I had to post that as it made me chuckle too


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