Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

What a way to start off my day with breaking over my 400th BLOG!


Here in the United States (US), we celebrate this day by giving cards, flowers, chocolates, jewelry, presents to our loved ones. In most part, this is the time us guys go get something sexy and nice for our girls and really treat them like the Queen's they are.

Honey, I hope you enjoyed your gift I gotcha today. It is one of the things you can now mark off your list.

But for the most part, it is a way for the retailers to make some cash in mid-winter as things are usually slow. Like everything in the US, it is too damn commercialized.

This is quite the opposite in Japan as the girls get the guys a gift. It is only on White Day (March 14th) that the guys, get the girls something nice. Girls usually give chocolate to all the guys at school or at work. It does not mean the same thing as it is given as a "Thank You" more than a "I Love You" way it is in the US.

Let enjoy ourselves with a nice holiday treat - I tried to keep this pretty, with not too much sexiness - well kind of. Remember, Love comes in all forms.


  1. Valentine's Day in Singapore is very commercialized too! Restaurants introduced V-Day set meal that are usually overpriced. It's a family affair for me and we baked our our pizza, potatoes & rice. Plus cornflakes cookies. Oh, I received a shirt is a gift from my wife.

  2. @ Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I got my wife some perfume, but nothing for myself. We ended up watching Gunbuster v2 vol 1 together which was nice

  3. Lovely set of images! Hope you had a good one. ^ ^

    Anyway, I think Valentine's Day is, to some degree, very commercialized everywhere.

  4. @Yi ~ yea, too much here as the floral companies went overboard with adds


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