Friday, February 11, 2011

Shunya Yamashita Pocco Cosplayers

Lets get this really kick off this Shunya Yamashita Cosplay Month with one of his own creations > Pocco.

I did a random Google search of Shunya Yamashita Cosplay and got several hits to my amazement. Not only were they done very well, but the girls were HOT as Well - yum!

It is very Steam-Punk and I actually like that.Not sure about the Purple Cat-like creature, but a nice "accessory" all the same. I seem to have a wide ran of likes when it comes to cosplay. I plan to keep it open to everything and this year will showcase that.

Well, enough talk, lets go for a walk and see the show:

Sources: Darkain Multimedia | Cure |


  1. The wings are very nice, and I enjoy the steampunk feel too. Great set again.

  2. You missed this one, Spanish entry for last year's Eurocosplay:
    She won third place.

    1. That was quite stunning and loved the wings movement and lights. I can't why she didn't get 1st place with all that.


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