Friday, February 18, 2011

Shunya Yamashita Cocona Cosplayers

Welcome to another Friday of Shunya Yamashita Cosplay Month featuring > Cocona.

I am not sure how the spelling is as I have seen it both Cocona and Kokona. I guess it depends on how it is translated. This was another lovely piece of artwork that was transformed once again into a living breathing person.

These ladies were dressed to impress and brought the hardware too boot. I am always taken back by the details in not only the costumes, but also the weapons. They left nothing to chance and brought it to bear.

Now lets get on with the show:


  1. Kokona sounds more Jap I supposed. I must give credit to the makers of the huge sword.

  2. The best set of cosplayers yet. I really love them all. I should really buy Shunya's newest art book :)

  3. They look awesome swinging around that huge sword.

  4. Wow, they all look fantastic. I'm very Impressed, especially as a HUGE fan of Shunya Yamashita!

  5. Great findings! My favorites are Nameko and Neia, but they all did really good on the cosplaying.

  6. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I could never imaging those girls and the big swords being carried around the entire location.

    @lovelyduckie ~ I have one of his art books, Wild Flower. I will have some girls that actually cosplayed the cover girl later

    @Negative Zone ~ welcome to the site and stop by each Friday as I have several more from his art series in the wings

    @Persocom ~ I can't rally pick one this time as they all did a tremendous job

  7. Hi! Thanks for the feature :3
    I plan to do more Yamashita costumes in the future <3

  8. @ Miss Romy ~ your group does a stunning job and I can't wrap my head around the details you all put into them.

    btw: would you be interested in doing an email interview with me?


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