Monday, February 21, 2011

Acrylic Display Stands

It seems stores are closing up in the mall we have nearby. We found a Hallmark store that is shutting down by the end of the month on Saturday. There was not really a whole lot there, but they were selling everything in the store.

If I had more cash and space, I would of loved to get the display cabinets they had. I had to be happy with the acrylic stands as they were going for much cheap. Larger ones were $1.00, Mediums were $0.75 and smalls were $0.50. After talking with my wife, I got 13 stands to see how they would work in my cases. I picked up 4 large, 3 medium and 6 small (my son wanted a couple for his figures too).

Since I had to re-do my case, a good dusting was in order. I pulled out a can of compressed air and a Sweeper Duster and got to work. I also had to clean the stands as they were a bit dirty as well.

With the stands now added in, it really helped out everything. I was really happy with the look as I could get more use out of each shelf than before. Now I did not do much to the base shelf in this display as it was not fully used. I did finally give my 2 Bakugan figures to my son and he was happy about that.

Before and After

More Before Shots

More After Shots

I have since gone back to the store and got more of them. I had hoped for more of the Large ones (only found 3), but got some I think will work well in the next case. I have a lot more gashpon figures in the case from Gurren Lagann.


  1. Those acrylic stands you got are really affordable. They really improve the viewing pleasure and they make the display cabinet looks more spacious. I have bigger stands like these but bought them for around 30 Sing dollars some time back.

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I was quick to grab them when I saw the prices as I know these got for much higher.

    I have a new post up showing my second display case with the updated look as well

  3. Ooh nice! And so cheap too. I'm jealous... I can never find such good deals.


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