Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Weekend Fun and Manga

I know it is Wednesday and a bit late for some weekend fun we had, but I was busy in the earlier part of the week.

I took my son to GameStop this weekend so he could get Celebi for his DSi Pokemon Soul Silver game. It is still available until March 6th. You needed one of several Pokemon games to get this download. It is cool because you use your wifi setting in the game to get a 'mystery gift' that you have to pickup at one of the shops in the game.

I actually pre-ordered Pokemon White Version for him so he can get the next download as seen in the poster.

I went back to the Hallmark store closing up and got some more acrylic displays. My son wanted some more and helped me pick them out. I was able to find 2 extra large ones for on top of my cases.

He had a blast making int Gundam Gashapon display and even used on of my old stands. He was so proud of himself and it turned out nice.

He even got one to make his Mega Blok Dialga Pokemon look like it was flying. I was amazed at how inventive he was in doing that. I have to hide the rest of them as I am sure he will be back in to grab even more of the displays for his other stuff.

We even picked up some Manga this weekend at Borders and Wonder Book. Borders had a couple I have been looking for like Soul Eater 5 and Tegami Bach 4. I did also pickup a book called 'Your Chinese Horoscope for 2011' as I love astrology. I am a Wood Dragon myself and loved reading about what is coming up for me this year.

Wonder Book is a local book shop which reminds me of your hometown book store. They even have rentals which included to my amazement - Anime. Mostly older stuff, but some I could get into to back fill some time as needed. I finally found the Manga on the furthest side of the store.

Not really anything new, but will be worth picking through as you can see in the photo above. I did manage to get a Jing, King of Bandits Manga to tied me over for a while. My son got some Duel Masters books and other fantasy reading books. Here is a shot of our 'haul' this weekend in Manga this past weekend:

Did anyone have some fun adventures this weekend as well?


  1. Your son must have had lotz of funz. So nice that you always go shopping for manga, anime & toys. Blissful! So you are born in the year of dragon and quite a surprise you would pick book on Chinese Horoscope Zodiac. I'm born in the year of horse.

  2. Nice gets! I also took my son to GameStop to get the Celebi for both him and I ^^ I have SS and he has HG, haven't pre-ordered Black and White but will probably pick it up in-store the day of release, unless taxes come back before then I'll do a last minute pre-order ;)

  3. Just ordered the Black version of the game. I can't wait to play it since I haven't played the games in years since the Blue, Yellow and Silver versions.

    As for anime and manga purchases, I had to curtail it since I am still unemployed. However, I do have a interview lined up next week over at a local library for a technology administrator position they are looking to fill. Wish me luck.

    Come to think of it, I might pick up the Azumanga Daioh and Noir box sets sometime next week since Right Stuf has them on sale this week. But we will see how things go.

  4. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ My son is a Snake and my wife is a Rabbit. So she is excited about this year :)

    @Persocom ~ We had some extra cash, so I figured he might like it. I dropped a hint today about it and he was like - 'really you did' and got all excited

    @Andrew L. Budney ~ My son wanted the black dragon, so had to get he white version - wtf that is all about, I have no idea.

    I am going to have to cut back after this month as we will have 2 car payments. My wife's car is about to drop next.

  5. I was debating stopping by the Borders near me and seeing if I can get some manga on sale...but I feel like the chances of them having volumes I need are slim.


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