Friday, February 25, 2011

Shunya Yamashita Non-Non Cosplayers

We are rolling along with Shunya Yamashita Cosplay Month with Non-Non.

What is it with a sexy lady in a short Oriental Dress holing a REALLY BIG sword? We have a couple variations of this one for ya to enjoy. I have the lovely Pink Dress, the Black Dress and one in the more colorful style.

This week they all come from the great cosplay site - Cure. Nothing like being between the entrapping assets of such an lovely creature - I need a break for a minute.

While I am away, how about you enjoy the show:


  1. Nameko has a really impressive sword. Lovely cosplays as always. You have a knack for finding them. ^ ^

  2. @Yi ~ I try to find the stuff that normally is not looked for. I find it more fun :)

  3. Man! I always like this segment of your blog. Nameko looks really sexy in this cosplay.

  4. @ Dennis aka Katsuden ~ it is time well spent, but I have to hint to ya, that a Gundam session is coming up soon and will be quite interesting


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