Friday, May 06, 2011

Masamune Shirow Cosplayers - Pieces

We now move on to the wonderful new series of art books called Pieces. I have yet to get my hands on any of these, but rest assured they are all on my Amazon Wish List.

Now I know that some of last weeks cosplayers could be classified for this weeks, but it was my call on all that. I did try to make sure that I used the topics as noted by the cosplayer themselves to break down the showcases. You will actually see some of the same ladies in this week as last weeks blog. What can I say, they enjoyed his characters so much, they did some more.

It is really amazing to see that cosplay extends well beyond the limits of anime, manga and gaming characters, It is refreshing when you see something unexpected and not the normal cosplay.

Well, enough of the chi-chat, lets get to the part that you really came to see all these Phantom Cats - *nyaa nyaa*

Novia (Agna)

Omi K Gibson (Cyril Brooklyn)

Shin (Marina Hayami)

Omi K Gibson & Shin (Phantom Cats)

Really Cool Final Group Shot

(I would like to know all the girls in this shot - so drop me a line if you are one of them)

Alt Source: ACP


  1. Those pics almost caused my nose to bleed. Lol... The attires are like crossover of sailor, police & nurse.

  2. Such deliciously ecchi outfits~

  3. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ yea, it is getting tougher to not get into these and go "whaaaaaaaaaaaa"

    @Yi ~ that is Shirow's art in real life, wish this was everyday :P


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