Thursday, May 05, 2011

Review: Boomslack Designs and Shirts

~semi-paid advertising~

I caught wind of this via Tweeter - yep, finally came in handy for something.

Boomslack is a very cool site setup by some up and coming graphic designers.

It showcases their t-shirt designs as well as their design graphics. These run about $24 - $30 USD for each shirt with shipping depending on your location. They do not have a middle man, so you are getting them directly from the source - the Designers themselves.

I decided to actually drop some coin on them for the entire family and here are the designs we are getting.

My Shirt
(just damn cool design)

My Wife's Shirt
(she liked this because of the cat)

My Son's Shirt
(he likes bugs and thought it was neat)

If you can, support our local artists and pick up one for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

Here is some of the other awesome artwork that they showcase. Looks to me like we have some stunning up and comers to the anime / manga design scene.

You can check them at the many links below:

Main Site | Facebook | Blog | Flickr | Gallery | Tweeter

BTW: There will be a followup blog once the shirts arrive. Let hope they live up to all my hype :)

~semi-paid advertising~

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