Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: Boomslank T-Shirts

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Not sure how Boomslank did it, but I have to say that First Class shipping was never so damn fast in my life. They shipped out the boxes on Friday and hit my doorstep on Saturday :^)

I did not open these until Sunday as we got home late that day. My son was itching to open one to see if it was his.

When we opened the first box, we like the way it was packaged inside a plastic bag. It was an extra step to make sure the shirt was not damage by water which was very cool. Even had their logo on it.

Again, my son was getting a bit crazy as he wanted to see if it was his. To his luck, it was his shirt in this package. It even came with a cool post card which told you the design number, its name and a brief description of the design idea.

What was funny was after all the boxes were opened, we had designs 00, 01 & 02. My son got 00 Airport, my wife got 01 Gate Keeper and I got 02 Flag (silver version). I will be keeping these post cards in a file for the future as I like the stories behind the shirt designs.

The shirts are all made by American Apparel. That in itself should tell you the quality of these shirts. They all fit quite well for the sizes ordered. Since I got a small for my son, it was a little long, but he is a kid and not an adult. They were soft and light which makes it a good comfortable shirt to hang out with during the hot summers.

They have a total of 7 designs so far that I think would meet with anyone's taste. I was torn between the one I got and the Strike Witch design - sexy! ALl are on white shirts with the exception of 02 Flag which also comes in a Silver.

Now, here are some pictures we took wearing the shirts. My wife was a bit shy, so I had to make a 'little' adjustment to her. Other than that, these are the actual shirts worn by actual people.

I tried to get a little more 'excitement' out of them, but for some reason they were camera shy. Except for the bunny ears which was funny :D

If you want to have something that didn't fall off the shelf, this is the way to go. Why get something off the rack that everyone else is wearing. Get yourself something that is unique and different for a change. You can own your own designer shirt that will be the envy of your anime / manga friends.

Hell, start a freaking trend in your area just like we hope to do in our area of the world.

Check them out at Boomslank.com

~semi-paid advertising~


  1. I think yours look very cool with the flag and samurai sword. You guys will gain a lot of attention wearing these T-shirt out as a family.

  2. It's fun to have the whole family wearing Anime shirt. I like your son T-shirt design best.

  3. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I already had someone at work want to know where I got the shirts

    @LEon ~ It was fun getting everyone involved with this.

  4. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ It should be fun :)

    @LEon ~ It was a blast getting them involved in this.

  5. Cool stuff form Boomslank! Hey, is that you in the picz?

  6. @Phosil ~ yep, I am the tall goofy one :P


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