Monday, May 09, 2011

Weekend Haul

Well, I hope that everyone's Mom had a Happy Mother's Day yesterday. I actually went with my son to visit my Mom on Saturday for fun at a Winery. If ever in Maryland and love wine, check out Boordy Wineries.

I took my wife out for dinner on Friday as she was going to visit a friend for the weekend. Though dinner sucked at Crazyhorse Steakhouse and Saloon (freakishly sloooooow service), we had a blast at Borders getting our fill of books. I picked up 3 Mangas, but wanted to get more as there were a couple more series that had came in.

The rest of the haul came for a store my Mom took me to while visiting called Uncommon Treasures. They had some of the coolest Sake and Tea sets around. When I visit my Mom again, I will have to make sure my wife is along. She has been wanting a nice tea set for a while.

My son got his first Chopstick set (with Dragonflies) and I got some tea. I loved the one as it had a wooden box that the lid slid off. I will be keeping this after I use the tea.

Anything fun this weekend for you?


  1. Seems like you have brought in more Japan culture into your home and family. Btw, I had shown my appreciation to the mommies in my family (wife, mum & mother-in-law) by treating them to dinner.

  2. WOW - you had a Trifecta Mothers Day!

  3. I LOVED the 2nd volume of March Story! I can't wait for the next one. The art is so gorgeous and I love the darkness of the story. As for Dogs: Bullets and Carnage...well I love that the female protagonist is so awesome, but I'm finding the story a bit confusing.


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