Tuesday, May 03, 2011

What do you mean you hate Akira?

There was a great article on Anime News Network that had been written by Jason Thompson [LINK] about Akira (Manga). I had written this off many, many, many years ago. However, after reading this, I will be seeing if my local library has a copy to read.

I have to explain something about Akira from my own perspective - IT SUCKED!

>>> Waiting for all the flamers to come our and attack me now for saying this <<<

Well, to me the anime version sucked, so I never picked up the manga due to this same reason.

Here is the history of all of this craziness for me:

As I watched it, I found myself dosing off. For some reason, this did not grab my attention nor did I even like it. I found the whole thing too busy and the story was not fluid enough for me to follow it. The characters just yelled at each other and shit blew up a lot. I yawned when they were running around on the motorcycles and was like, what the hell have I rented. Who in their right mind thinks this anime movie is 'da bomb'?

If I remember correctly, I did watch it fully and was disgusted by the whole thing. I felt like this was the fucking dumbest anime ever. I was not sure if I would ever rent another anime again. I felt like I have been deceived and it was a waste of my money. When I returned it, I just wanted to throw it at the clerk.

Luckily, I did rent another anime - Ghost in the Shell - which brought me back from the abyss to once again enjoy anime movies. Thus, here I am today - many, many, many years later, watching anime like a drunk looking for that next bottle of booze.

This now bears the question to you my Readers:

Have you ever had such an experience in your life that cause you to almost change what you enjoy doing now?


  1. I did watch Akira ages ago at my school library at a time there wasn't much anime around. Since it's FOC (Free of charge) there wasn't much complaint on my part.

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I have to give this another shot and hope it is better with (old) age

  3. In college my bf and I watched Ninja Scroll, back then I was into magical girl series only so I was surprised to find that I liked it a lot. So I excitedly decided to finally watch Akira (another anime movie I heard many good opinions of), but when we watched it we both felt it didn't live up to the hype. I was just really confused. BUT that said I want to try reading the manga, I feel like the manga will be able to slow down the pace and explain more. And under those circumstances I feel like I might like it. I have volume 1 but haven't read it yet.

  4. @Lovelyduckie ~ It was the same for me and I hope that the Manga is better


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