Thursday, June 16, 2011

#0044, Full Armor Unicorn Gundam, Part I

When I saw this on eBay I had to have it. The price tag however kept me away for a short while. When it was on sale at 25% off, then I jumped in and got it - Gundam Fix Figuration #0044 Full Armor Unicorn.

Now this was done with green instead of the regular red coloring. That aside, this was a very nice addition to the collection. It sucks that I can build them, but then have to tear them down as we are packing stuff up. I did run into an issue putting this together which I will get to later.

Here is the the outside and inside guts of this little baby. That alone was enough for me to get this unit.

You get plenty of accessories so you can really get creative with how you want this to look. Here are the inside guts. What I really liked was the fact you didn't have those damn ties anymore. You have a plastic shell over the parts - thank the Gods for that. I swear it always took 1/2 a day just to take all them out.

You get 2 sheets of instructions as it seem that they made a slight mistake in the photos on some of the building.

Of course since this is a Destroy Mode version of the Unicorn Gundam, the horn is opened up as seen below.

Enough of this simple stuff and get to the actual figure build. Now there was a really cool thing that this guy has on himself without adding the stuff (well you will need a beam for the swords). I have 3 shots showing the forearm being opened up to review a beam sword. They really did go all out on the decals and armor ans a large amount of it was extremely flexible.

Lets take a look at the other deadly armaments this unit comes with as well. You have your Beam Rifle, a couple small Guns (not shown), a couple Beam Cannons as well. Not to mention the numerous Gatling Guns and Shields. This has so much stuff, you can go up against a full regiment and still have left overs for a warship.

btw: those damn beam swords kept falling off his backpack
while I was assembling - over and over and over again

Now I did end up breaking a part (+_+). They make these so damn fragile sometimes. You have to 'snap' these onto an forearm and it kept slipping. Finally one of the joints snapped and I had to take a break. Super Glue to the rescue - yea.

Above you are seeing the back of the Shield with the Gatling guns which you get 3 sets of. Two are stationary and cannot be move, while one set needs to be put together. Below you see the shields and how you can see one is solid while the other one can be closed and opened up. The two that are open are used for the arms while the adjustable set is used on the back pack.

Come back next week for the BIG conclusion and the figure in all its glory.


  1. The awesomeness of Unicorn Gundam G.F.F has been revealed. I wonder if the green destroy mode is the upgraded level of red in the anime. Sorry to hear the small breakage on the shield.

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ not sure f an upgrade from Red Mode, but does have it's appeal. I love the figures, hate the breakage. Super glue works wonders :D


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