Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cosplay Interview: Mio Satou

Sometimes a cosplayer just catches your eye and you have to know more.
Mio Satou was one of these lovely cosplayers for me. I was doing some research for Gundam Cosplayers and found her rendition of the MS Gundam Unicorn. The craftsmanship and design ideas are something that you just do not see when you think MS.

I didn't even realize it, but I had actually used her when I did my Zaku Girls. She had done a very lovely DOM Maid cosplay. I still have no idea how she walked around in those large shoes.

She has done a multitude of other Mobile Suit Gundams and Zaku variations. To me, she has really did a stunning (and quite sexy) design of each of these. She placed her own style while keeping with the Mecha design structure intact. Now that takes some deep thought and a lot of preporation if you ask me.

I also wanted to pass this along as she wanted to answer in English instead of Japanese. I must say that she did a stunning job and I am honored that she would do this for us. It just goes to show that any challenge that she is confronted with, she will overcome and conquer with great devotion.

From Mio Satou: "However, I want to try my English ability. Therefore I answer in English. You might not understand my answer. Please forgive it."

What is your name, where do you reside and what is your age?

My name is Mio Satou. I live in Tokyo Japan. My age is secret :D

What first started you on the road to cosplay?

There was only a little interest of me in Cosplay. My friend invited me to the Cosplay event. I learned the happiness of Cosplay because of only one participation.

What year did you start and what was that cosplay character?

My first Cosplay is "FINAL FANTASY X: Yuna". Because it is an old work, you will guess my age. Please do not ask the lady the age :D

What made you decide to start cosplaying Gundam Mecha characters and not the ‘normal’ cosplay characters?

My most favorite MS [Mobile Suit} is GOUF [and] in many MS, GOUF is powerful and brave. But it is unique and is fun if I replace it with lovely and sexily. The Cosplay of a "common" character must reproduce an original design precisely. However, I am a designer. I was not able to enjoy it only by merely merely reproducing it precisely. ”MS Syoujo (”MS Arrangement Girl” in Japan) match personality and femininity with an original design. I enjoy a challenge to difficulty.

What conventions or shows have you cosplay at and have you gotten any awards?

I always go out to a big hall Cosplay event (TOKYO BIG SIGHT,MAKUHARI MESSE etc...). I received the interview of the Cosplay specialty magazine ("COSMODE, DENGEKI Layers" etc) several times. But I do not want to compete by using Cosplay with others. Therefore, I have not participated in the contest[s].

When not cosplaying, what do you do?

My hobbies other than Cosplay are cooking.

I often make bread and the cake.

For any aspiring cosplayers a little shy, what words of wisdom do you have for them to get started?

I want to present advice to Cosplay Beginner. ”Take it easy!" [and] "Please enjoy it". The Cosplay of a high quality is requested in Japan. But [the] Cosplayer who gets a good evaluation from many audiences love Cosplay. Please love Cosplay if you want to do the Cosplay of the high quality.

What sites can others view your cosplay at?

I [am] participating in Japanese Cosplay SNS "Cure". My Members No. is 150396.

Link: Cure

Thank you for your reading,
Mio Satou

Here are some more of the lovely cosplay that she has done. There as some that she has done outside of MS Gundam which are just as exceptional as anything you have seen.

As always, I want to thank Mio Satou for taking the time to answer these questions for us.

Want to be our next interviewed COSPLAY STAR?
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  1. Nice cosplay! You don't see mecha cosplay like that too often ;) She seems pretty nice too. Thanks for the interview, Mio and Bluedrakon ^^

  2. @anonymous_object ~ I love all the cosplay and think Mio did a stunning job. I hope to see more soon :)

  3. Her cosplay armor is definitely impressive. I always wonder how they get those pieces to look so smooth. And also I think it is adorable she went ahead with answering in english, not to make fun of her or anything, but it is noticeable how the train of thought and style of speech/use of expressions is much different than that of an American :D

  4. @Miss Romy ~ I fell in love with her versions of these famous Gundam and Zaku characters.

    I loved the fact that she did this in English and so well. If I was asked to write back in Japanese, I would not be able to.

  5. I totally love those cosplay of Unicorn Gundam, Guncanon, Gouf and Dom. This is the first time I actually see cosplay of Guncannon and Dom. Thumbs up for Miss Mio Satou!

  6. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ She really did some fantastic designs for her Gundam Cosplay.


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