Friday, July 29, 2011

Queen's Blade Cosplay: Menace

Here is WEEK 2 of our Queen's Blade Cosplay Series.

This week is another one of my favorites ~ Menace. It is not just her skimpy outfit, but I have always loved Ancient Egypt. I can almost imagine her in an Egyptian Palace standing over her kingdom giving orders.

We really have a great cast of cosplayers who did a stunning and sometime revealing view of her. Not only did they match much of her outfit and jewelry, but also the staff. I can see why the staff is always smiling as I think I would have a grin on my face as well - :D

Without delay, here are the lovely ladies of cosplay:

Let me know who your favorite cosplayer is this week!


  1. Wow, nice photos. Almost making me push Queen's Blade from my backlog list XD

  2. Way to go gals! It takes a lot of courage to cosplay Menace. Gotten be extra walking around like this. Hee! Hee!

  3. @tsurugiarashix ~ the anime series is a fanboy dream, but the story line is okay. It is move to visually pleasing as it should be :D

    @Dennis aka ~ some of these ladies really too the cosplay to some interesting perspectives

  4. I think i just got turned on...

    haha anyway this is what i call cosplaying.

  5. Heyy long time no post lol - I'm fixing up the site for real. Almost have a grip on deleting all the accepted spam comments. Getting photoshop cs5, gonna change the banner, couple colors, clean up the posts...I'm really excited...just a bit bummed because idk WHAT THE HELLS going on w/anime these days and it's really hard to read other people's sites because they're so hip..and I'm just in a stupid wheelchair from this damn accident :/ anyways, I LOVE the pix of homegirls squatting on the ground. Mmm yeah.

  6. @Fabrice ~ I have to say it is 'hard' to research these cosplays sometimes

    @finallyanime ~ Nice to hear from ya and hope all is well. I was trying a while back to remove that damn spam, but was a bitch. I figures once the site was set, we could it it again.

  7. She acted very well. She is sexy~~~~

  8. @Toy ~ which one was your favorite of all these cosplayers?

  9. @Otakitty ~ any chance your group will do Queen's Blade characters?

  10. What a nice mix of a sexy and unique design.

    1. thank you for dropping by and check out our other cosplay posts :D


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