Wednesday, July 27, 2011

San Diego Comic Con 2009 Gundam Fix Figuration

I found there was a second Limited Edition Gundam Fix Figuration in a Clear version. This was from the 2009 San Diego Comic Con. I have not determined if there are any more yet, but will keep seeing.

This time it was the XXXG-01WE Wing Gundam [Early Type]. I was happy to get this off of eBay like all my others so far. It was one of the Gundam that I have always liked. A Gundam with Angel wings - what more could ya want.

Like so many others, I did have a small issue with the right arm (well forearm). The darn thing kept dropping off. Why am I cursed with issues with my GFF's?

There is always some technical difficulty when working with these clear versions. You sort of loos your depth of field and everything sort of blurs together. I love that you get the long gun with the figure and shield. There don't seem to be as many decals on this, but then again, you do have a hard time seeing some of the ones that it does have. You do have the ability to transform it to fighter mode which I just enjoyed doing.

The Package and Insides
(sorry, wings are out of focus)

I just want to know why there was not stand in this package? It was in the 2008 LE, so why not in this one as well. This is especially true since this can can be made into a Fighter Mode (see later). I think it would of looked much cooler this way.

4 Revolving Poses

I still need to practice on my lighting techniques with these figures. The clear versions really do lend themselves to some great shots, if I can get the lighting right. I tried to take some shots that would showcase the cool clarity of the figure, while expressing the details as well.

Close Ups

I had some challenges transforming it as it kept dropping the gun. I had to use one of my stands upside down to take these shots. I should of pulled my other clear stand from the SDCC 2008 GFF, but I had already packed it away.

Fighter Mode

Not sure what my next GFF figure will be, but it could be the 0017b, but not certain yet.

UPDATE: This blog got noted over at ("Japan Gundam Party Newspaper").


  1. I think it would be nice on a lighted display stand released by Bandai some time back. The whole figure looks like an ice sculpture of Gundam Wing. I bet the price must be exclusive too?

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ These really do look like an ice sculpture. I was luck to get it for just under $40USD which included shipping from eBay


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