Thursday, August 25, 2011

Manga is Gay

I have to apologize to DC as I was suppose to do a blog on his Day # 3 at SDCC today. I usually don't rant and rave that much, but this really got under my skin today.

Yesterday was the first day of school for Washington County in Maryland. My son is starting 5th Grade at a different school again. He has had a different school the last 3 years and we live in the same apartment complex - makes no sense.

I digress however. Before he went out to wait for the bus, he asked me if he could take a manga. He is currently reading Shaman King and was on volume 4. I of course said 'yes', but reminded him only during breaks.

Off he went and I got ready for work. I was leaving and found he left his lunch behind (what was he thinking?). I knew the bus had not come yet, so grabbed it and took it out to him.

I saw him on the curb reading Shaman King waiting for the bus. I went over and got his attention. He came over and said 'Thanks'. Then he uttered these words:

"That kid over there sitting on the metal box said that manga was gay, I was gay for reading it and you were gay too."

WTF is all that about! I looked over and it was some blond haired boy (in the same grade). I told my son that it was not 'gay' and there were a lot of people that would say otherwise.

Why are kids so damn mean and ignorant?

To add insult to injury on this whole thing, after he came home and was outside looking for bugs, this same kid came and punched him in the stomach. No reason why, just did from what my son said.

It was a couple hours later that I got home to hear about the hitting. I decided to nip this in the bud and we went to look for him. We found him in a short time and confronted him on the issue of hitting him. No parents, just a bunch of kids by the crappy playground. I asked him if he hit my son, and of course it was a 'No'. I asked my son to take a good look and make sure he was the kid who hit him. He said it was and the kid said it wasn't him as he was in the woods.

I decided that since this was getting no where and surrounded by other little twerps, I lay it out to him. I looked him in the eye and said that my son said it was you. I can't confirm or deny this as I was not there. But if it was you, the next time you hit him for no damn reason, I will speak with your parents on this. If I can't speak with them, then I will call the cops and you can spend the day in Juvie.

Figured if I couldn't get a confession, I would scare the crap out of the little turd. What a freaking way to start a new school season!

Anyone with kids had this issue of other kids being ignorant to anime or manga?


  1. My son just started 2nd grade this year. He hasn't had an issue like this yet thankfully, not involving anime/manga. But he DOES have problems with his neighborhood. The kids here are utter filthy trash who it seems like they never go to school, they scream insults from down the street and they harass my son when he plays in our yard. Luckily we don't let him go to nearest school (which is actually getting shut down soon), so he has a halfway decent school so far. Always keeping a look out for this sort of thing though. I go to his school wearing my anime shirts without shame, regardless of the rest of the parents looking all professional, and so far he's proud to be different. I think his school is great but since I had a horrible school experience my defenses are always up. Kids are ignorant of a lot more than just anime and manga, but you can put the blame on their parents in many cases. Parenthood can be a real pain in the ass and most of the time it's not even because of YOUR kid. *grumbles in anger* Wish my son had friend like yours :P

  2. Sorry to hear about the neighbourhood bully incident. As a father myself, I'm also worried that my kids would be bullied at school or at playground. It's especially frustrating when other parents don't give a damn about their kids brutal behaviour.

  3. @Persocom ~ Would be cool to have friends with like minded stuff. He did have a couple, but they recently moved to WV wish did make him sad.

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ it does make me wonder why other parents don't get involved with their kids.


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