Friday, August 26, 2011

Queen's Blade Cosplay: Airi

Here is WEEK 6 of our Queen's Blade Cosplay Series.

Who better to swing a Scythe than the love Maid to order – Airi. Not sure what crazy person decided to mix a Maid with this deadly weapon, but it definitely works. They even went as far as to make sure she had her head piece to match her dress. We all know the fiery a read head can offer, so you better keep your distance.

I wonder if she is a natural red head? “Swing and a Miss”, glad I ducked after saying that.

Let’s stop seeing red and take a look at the lovely ladies of Cosplay:

Mizuhara Arisa






Let me know if you have a favorite Queen's Blade Character that you want to see here!


  1. Wow great selection again :D Always hard to pick a favorite as they all have one or two that really stand out.

  2. Mizuhara Arisa really has a lot of likeness in this cosplay. I like this character in Queen's Blade. She saved the boy when his mum was cursed. Maid carrying a scythe. Cute & deadly.

  3. @Persocom ~ Seems Airi was a popular one as well when I was reviewing this post

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I have to agree with ya, not sure I want my desserts sliced by her after dinner

  4. Id employ her on the spot and certainly make sure she cleans my room often ^^ jokes

  5. @Fabrice ~ LOL - anyone of them can clean my room - just don't tell my wife :D


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