Thursday, August 18, 2011

SDCC Web Report Day 2 Part 2

Comic Con 2011: Web-Report for, “2old4anime ~ Day 2 cont.

by DC Rushton

On my way to the Marriott, I did some thing I DO NOT DO! The afternoon was hot, but the bay’s breeze cooled me. So I finally stop in, and HAD A BEER, at the “Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery“. (and I wanted to do this so BAD!) AND 20% OFF A BEER! FRACK YES! The looks on all their faces as this Cosplayer did “The Tao Strut” in and order a beer. The bar keep scanned my badge and I asked for a outside table. The theme of this place is Scottish, Irish, mix. HIT A FREEBIE! Big Platter of NACHOS! For Costumed Con Goers! YEA! For that, (and half of my beer downed) I asked if there were any IRISH MEN “Raising A Wrist”? I gave them my finest IRISH voice and sang: “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”. Cheers and Photos followed.

My thanks to the “Map Makers”, and organizers of the Con. Their map was so E-Z to follow. (I needed it) I detached it from the center of the Guide. Once in the lobby of the Marriott, several Con staff, and a squad of “RED SHIRTS”, (yes, the old Star Trek JOKE!) awaited to get you your panel room. “What costume is that?”, I hear from behind me. For once, it’s not me being address. Three young people were watch a US ARMY OFFICER go past. “THAT NO COSTUME YOUNGSTERS. THAT’S YOUR COUNTRY’S US ARMY!”, I said loudly for all to hear. The officer turned around to see who that was that said that.

This Japanese Taoist Priest march up before him, came to ATTENTION, SALUTED, and says: “Veteran, Viet Nam, Sergeant Rushton, Retired Disabled, Air Force, SAC, 15TH Air Force, served as Crew Chief, B-52 D! Thank you for your service to our country.” “And thank you for doing yours veteran.”, he replied, and returned my salute. THEN I SAW HIS NAME PLATE, NOT HIS COMIC CON BADGE! He was U.S. Army Lt. Colonel John Clearwater, Guest Speaker on the “Military in Film Panel” I was on my way to! “ Look forward to your panel sir. I won’t keep you.” We had a hand shake and I made my way to the line for the panel.

Only once have I attended any Comic Con Event outside the convention center. (Oh what a NIGHT!) The Hall 2# has plenty of good seating for the smaller panels, and best, “A SHORT CON LINE”. Beside the Army Colonel I met, ALL Branches of the Services were in represented. U.S.M.C. Lt. Colonel Jason Johnson, U.S.N. Lt. Michael Smith, (MY BOYS) U.S.A.F. Lt. Colonel Francisco “Paco” Hamm, and U.S. Coast Guard Commander Sean Carroll. The panel was moderated by another of MY BOYS, U.S.A.F. Veteran Jon Huertas, actor on ABC’s “Castel”.

Fine opening discussion on the military in TV and Film industry. I came away with a impression of “Openness and Cooperation” of the military. It still remained with me through the “Questions and Answers” and the panel’s end. I had to get in a small joke for the last question: ”Would you asked The J. S. D.F., “ Japanese Self-Defense Force”, any assistance, if America was attacked by, Godzilla, Rodan, Mothera, or any Giant Insect? Or would that be an act of, DISHONOR!” The place died! “Japanese Military are the best, but we are better!”, was the general feeling I got from all. I would have pictures for you. But I left my camera on last photo shoot and she’s dead.

Check of the time and I must make my way to the “After Con Party”, pick up point! This Japanese Priest of Tao, “Tao Strutted”, Cosplayed, Photo Shot, his way back across the street. Through the Gas Lamp Quarter Cosplaying his way along, this Cosplayer had a COSPLAY video, with it’s song “TRANSPOSE IT SELF OVER REALITY”! Hit you “U-tube”! Ask for: (COSPLAY COMPILATION- ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE 6). Listen to it. Watch it! Feel how the words perfectly fit, to the COSPLAY! Now… “BE IT AS I WAS!”

Put your trouble aside and start living. Anybody can let go. Throw away your problem right now for it’s PARTY TIME…!



  1. Those Halo cosplays are impressive. Seems like party extended to even after ComicCon. Awesome!!!

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ as DC noted, it does seem like a weekend long party :)


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