Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SDCC Web Report Day 3 Part 2

Comic Con 2011: Web-Report for, “2old4anime ~ Day 3, Part 2

by DC Rushton

Lunch, out back in Pavilion area outside, is a welcome break from the madness that is the Con. Nice shade spots and a little peace and quite to refresh one self with a break. (how ever you take it, and I needed) Plenty of time to get to the “Futurama Panel”.

The Futurama Panel was not so much a discussion panel. It was more like a gathering of “Old Friends”. The stories, jokes, and just talking like old friend, one on one, made the panel worth coming to for me. During the Q + A, I asked Katey Sagal, “The voice of Leela”, “Did you bring your Leela BOOTS you finally found you said you loved so much?” “If I knew someone was going to ask about MY LEELA boots, I would of worn them for you!” Again, the place died.

Now it’s time for: “MISSION SMURF”! I dive into the crowded dealers floor. High and low I search the rows of booths. “Should have been here Thursday. Sold out on SMURFS.“ Desperation slowly sink in my soul. It became the joke of the day. This Tao Priest walks up to your booths and asks: “Have any SMURF? My best friend, the ex, want a SMURF. Maybe she “SMURF” me for it. Can you help?” One guy finally from his booth, laughing his ass off at the joke of the day, helped me. “Lets get you SMURFED!” He point to a booth a row over. Hanging on the booth’s wall… SMURFS! I make my way through the thick crowd. “SMURFS. SMURFS. I have found the EX’S SMURF. This will get me SMURFED”, I declare aloud in victory! The owner of the booth saw me coming, wiping my brow of sweat. “You’re the costumed guy searching for a SMURF, so she will SMURF you!” “Anyway or thing to get SMURFED!”, I say to him. Large to tiny, they got them. No deals here, BUT! Found a “Beanie Baby” size one for $10.00. He cut it down and bagged it. Taking the ten spot from me he said, “Have a good “SMURFING!” (I did)

It’s Cosplay and Photo Shoots then on. Excellent is the word for Saturday’s Cosplay. Had to check my pipe’s load twice. “DID I SEE A CENTAUR?”. YES A CENTAUR! This Cosplay would get my 1# Cosplay vote, on “Mechanical Difficult”, but 1# came on Sunday morning.

That my readers, will be in my next post: “DAY 4”. (my proudest Cosplay moment yet!) How Did he build it? There, next to the First Aid Station, a large crowd had gather around a lone Cosplayer posing for photos. As I come around a pillar, MY JAW DROPPED! “RIVER SONG”! This Cosplayer had more than just found the clothing, hair style, the looks. NO! She had the most important thing to properly perform a character. “THE ATTITUDE”! And knew how to play River to the HILT! She was River Song for us. “RIVER SONG?”, again I declared loudly to no one. “RIVER SONG!” She scanned me as if River Song would as I fumbled for my camera’s on switch. “Love your costume.”, she motioned to me. “What is it?” “I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE YEY AGAIN!”, I said handing my camera to anyone. I did a perfect “Warners Brothers Cartoon, MELT IN PLACE”, before her. She looked at the laughing crowd with a look of River that said: “I do that to men!” Regaining my composer, I told her of my Cosplay costume, character, and hailed her Cosplay performance! She praised me for my costume, character, and age to be a Cosplayer. RESPECT! And I thanked her for it, and how much it meant to me. And then to the crowd with her hand in mine I said: “I thank you as everyone here does for your Cosplay of River Song of Doctor Who. Thank you for bring her to life for us here at the Con.” A round of heart felt applause came forth for her and I insisted she take a bow.



  1. Happy Smurfing but sorry to hear that smurfs were sold out. Cosplaying Centaur is really something! That's special.

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I hope the Centaur stomped all the smurfs - LMFAO!!!


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