Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Gundam Collection DX6

We really do have a great community of collectors. Tony (last name withheld) contact me about an old purchase I made a while back of Gundam Collection DX8 box I had gotten. He needed to know about the purchasing a box set as he already had most of the Gundams from this set (DX6).

We sent emails back and forth on what I know and what he was looking to get. I told him the what he could expect from the box set and that in all cases, their may be duplicates. Due to the number of possible types he could get, I was not sure which dups he may find. He was not sure if it was worth while to get a full box or not.

Tony did end up purchasing a box and it was worth the expense. He got 5 ones that he did not have including the MSA-001[Bst]. So that left 4 duplicates that he did not need. Not bad in my book since he already had 7.

Now my son loves these and I knew that it would be great to get them for him. After a short negotiation period, I purchased them from Tony and they were shipped. As an added bonus for my son, I had the package addressed to him.

Needless to say, once he saw a package with HIS NAME on it, he ripped it open. He was very excited about what was in the package and was thrilled with them all. He noted that so far the 'Red' on is his favorite.

After I got home and saw that his school work was done, I let him 'open' them. He wasted no time opening them all and putting them together. I decided that he did not need the small packaging boxes, so there was only the figures in plastic and the booklets

He needed no help from me and kept me at bay, so I got lucky to take the picture of him putting them together. In the end, he had a blast putting them together and then putting them with his DX8 figures.

Here are the finished ones for your enjoyment. I took a front and back photo of the AMX-004-3 since most of the detail was behind it.

I want to thank Tony for contacting me on this. It was great not only to meeting a fellow collector, but also for the ability to get something I may not of gotten myself.

If you have extra Gundam Gashapon and in the United States, shoot me an email. I am sure my son would love it!


  1. In future if I have any Gundam stuff to giveaway, I will definitely contact you. Cheers!

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I am looking to get some gashapon Gundam for my son for Christmas as he really like these


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