Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Quick Look: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

New segment called Quick Look. Here is will do a quick look at a new anime that was just releases.

Anime: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon aka Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere

Plot: In the far future, humans abandon the devastated Earth and move to the upper world "Tenjo". But Tenjo and the law of causation collapse by a war and humans returns to the Earth, which has turns into an inhabitable planet except for Shinshu area. Shinshu is too small to accommodate all the humans, so they duplicate the area and create "Juso Sekai" in a parallel world. In order to rebuild Tenjo and the law of causation, the returned humans start reproduction of the history from B.C. 10,000. When the reproduction proceeds to A.D. 1413, a war breaks out in Shinshu and Juso Sekai falls onto the original world. The humans living in Juso Sekai lose their land and invade the original world. People in Shinshu surrender and the land is divided by the invaders from Juso Sekai. They try to resume the history reproduction from A.D.1457, but the update of the history terminates in A.D.1648. A rumor of apocalypse begins to spread the world.

Quick Look: What a crazy group of characters this will be. If you liked a ridiculous mix of various characters in one anime, this will fit your bill. If you like military school and the excessive training regiment, this may make it on your list. If you like slap stick comedy with a dash of perversion, this is for you. If you love the tom-boy hard ass babes and voluptuous ladies, this is your anime as well. As you can tell, I will add this to my watch list - heehee.

Story Time
: Now this does start off slow with a lovely little lady singing a sad song. You seewith scenes of a devastated old modern building and flying fortresses. Some lady speaking about a training session and blah blah blah - really slow start.

You then have a Third Year Class Leader getting her students together for a training class. It is pretty much a game of tag with her being it. We see some of the students review the requirements and exchange dialog. This also helps to give you a brief intro to some of the characters in the series.

Pretty much they chase her across the ship to try to 'tag' her. We see how each of them fight and the different techniques they have. It is interesting seeing single and then group attacks using a variety of ways from magic, to physical and then just plain old weapons.

Needless to say, no one does 'tag' her except at the very end after the session is over and the Magical Demon is beat. Poor sap really gets his ass kicked (literally) for this. I hate it when they do that 'white light' crap.

We do end up seeing some others like a mysterious girl who waits counters to what I can figure is the Sensei of the school. This does leave open the story to more intrigue to know who this girl is and what her connection is to everything.

Here is a YouTube preview short of the series that where you can see much of the characters and fight scenes. Figured you may want to see a video of it instead of these cel shots.

Preview Short of Series

Added to my watch list, how about your?


  1. Wonder wat's the Indian man doing in the anime with a tray of curry rice. Ha! Ha! Should be the kind of anime I go for. I just finished 'Highschool of the Dead' and currently watching 'KissXSis'.

  2. Seeing the video I think I kinda love it and I'll be adding it to my list of to watch anime really nice...:-)

  3. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ KissxKiss i have been watching the OVA's.

    @Haven ~ It is starting slow, but I think it will pan out later.


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