Monday, January 16, 2012

Shonen Jump goes Digital

To my son's disappointment, Shonen Jump is now going to be digital. His subscription ends n May and I am not sure I am going to continue it. It is now called Shonen Jump Alpha.

I can understand the business part of this as it would be cheaper to go digital than to print & ship these mags each month.

The last 'printed' edition is going to be the one in March (April Edition). I am a little upset as we didn't get the January or February editions. I purchase the February one at Barnes & Noble this past week for him. I have contacted Shonen Jump for the other issue he missed.

My son does have a computer, but I really can't open an account for him as he needs an email address. Now we have made one for him, but I am not ready to turn email access over to a 10 year old. He has loved getting this in the mail, but sometimes I think it is more for the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards than the Manga.

I will probably not renew the subscription unless maybe I get it for him. Without an electronic device, it is a little hard to read these in the bathroom like he does :D

What is your view on this new 'Digital' Age of Manga?


  1. I would think having the physical manga feels a lot better. They make up a nice collection and serve as great memorabilia.

    1. I feel the same way. We have the series since 2009 and looks cool on the shelf.

      My wife always has liked reading a book and not a computer.

  2. I prefer physical product, digital is nice but I spend enough time online that I don't need to read EVERYTHING there. It's a real shame. I've never actually read Shonen Jump myself, but it's one of the only otaku magazines on the store shelves these days.

    1. It is a shame as we only seem to have OTAKU USA left. Everything in that I already know about for the most part from blogs or websites.


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