Monday, February 06, 2012

Weekend Shenanigans

Quick post today from this weekend. We went out to the mall as I had some things I wanted to check out.

The first thing on my list was the ATT release of the Samsung Galaxy Note. They set the pre-orders for Sunday February 5th for this. I wanted to check it out in the store before dropping $300 plus as I will need a data plan. This is the first smart phone I will own and have actually been excited to think about owning. I have a 'dumb phone' and have not really cared much for a 'smart phone' due the extra costs involved.

Got the store, but no phone - ARGH! The sales guy said that they haven't even been trained yet on the features and was planning this week to go. WTF - big pre-order and noting to play with? I guess they want your money before you get to see it. Sorry, ATT, but I want to see before I buy.

We did manage to get something from Suncoast however. I usually buy my DVDs online as the pricing is much better, however, couldn't resist this. My son found them in the deep discount section and I know he has been looking for them. He now has the complete collection of SD Gundam I even popped for some Ramune as well.

With the price only being $3.88 each, it was a good buy all around. Now we have something to watch this coming weekend.

Hopefully we will also build some of the SD Gundam kits we got this past year for everyone to see as well.

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