Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Review: Gundam Fix Figuration #0024 Z Gundam

I picked this up off of eBay with some HCM Gundam figures. The only thing I found missing was the instructions. Which in itself is a handicap when you want to build these. This is especially true when they can transform into vehicles like this one. The only gripe on this GFF was the fact the head kept falling off. I guess we can start a new Halloween character – the ‘Headless Gundam’ - or maybe not :P

Using the back of the box photos, I decided to try my hand in building this. It took me a little while to figure some of it out. Luckily, there are not that many parts to this figure which made guess work easy. Did have to figure out the mounting as it was not cut and dry. I actually had to remove the center piece and connect it to the stand and then the Gundam to the stand. Had some issues with the ‘big gun’, but was able to get it up and in position.

I wanted to transform it into the Wave Rider, but only had pictures. I like the Z (Zeta) Gundam as I enjoy the ones that transform the most. If anyone can make a copy of the instruction for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

4 Revolving Poses
(sort of)

Close-up Shots


  1. Congrats to another score of GFF. Sorry bro, I don't have instruction for this GFF.

    1. I still have more I need to display and photograph. I have a GFF# 0017a sitting that I need to dive into.

      If you can let anyone who might have one know, I would appreciate it LD


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