Thursday, April 05, 2012

Creators Labo 025 Rei Ayanami Version 02

You have got to love Yamato and the Creators Labo series. They are highly detailed and stunning craftmanship with their figures as a whole.
They did a superb job taking Shunya Yamashita Style and making it into a figure. You can even check out some cosplayers that did these as well on my blog.

I have gotten both Rei and Asuka, but will start with Rei (numeric order - lol). This is the second version of her with an added bandaged head. I have to say, I like this version as you can have her in either version.

I have a couple shots with her original head, but took the most with her bandaged head. I really liked this figure due to the amazing 'ass'ets. But once you get this in your hands, you love the whole design.

This post is dedicate to a cosplayer that I had the pleasure of interviewing ~ Cairdiuil. She has done some amazing cosplays of Rei in bandages and I could see her in this figure so much it was eerie.

Let's start off with the packaging and the original version of her as noted in the box.  

Her bandages head comes in a plastic container that is behind the figure in the box. Here is what it looks like. As you can see from the above photos, you have to remove both of her arms to place this optional head on.

With all that noted, lets get to all the photographs of her that I took for your enjoyment.

4 Revolving Photos

 Details Photos
Infamous Pantsu Shot


  1. Holy shizz
    that picture absolutely freaked me out:

    It looked like her head was decapitated and put in that container >.<

    1. LOL - yes - the floating head of Rei was an oddity. But was cool that you could use wither head which is why i got it. I should of posted the pic of her arms removed - heeheehee

  2. Pantsu shot! Love the fan service! The figure looks big and the face sculpt appeared more human. Definitely a sexy version of plug-suit or more scandalous. Lolz... Rei is my favourite character in EVA and this is certainly appealing.

    1. had a couple angles, but this 'pantsu' was more of an 'upskirt' shot that I thought was more interesting o_O


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