Tuesday, April 03, 2012

New Toys Review - Monsuno

WTF is Monsuno ? - well stand by for the introductions

My son saw this and had to have it - like everything in his life. I can only describe it as as the next evolution of Bakugan's. FYI -  these were designed by the same people - go figure.

You get a Core and a Figure in this toy series. The mini-figure folds up and is inserted into the core. To battle you must 'spin it out' so they then collide into each other. The 'force' is suppose to have them pop out and stand fully ready for battle.

As he needed to battle, we got a 2 pack which was on sale at Target for $12.99. Here is the one he picked out:

We did 'battle' and had a hard time getting them to pop out of the Cores. My son ended up trying to smack them on the table to get them to release out of the Cores. I put a stop to that however as it was abuse. When they did work, it was pretty cool to see them 'jump' into form. There are also trading cards with them which can purchase separately in single or special double packs.These act the same as the Bakugan cards for extra power ups and tricks.

Of course with the graphics, there has to be an anime involved. This should be showcasing on Nicktoons but have not seen it yet on TV. I was able to find the first episode on YouTube for your enjoyment however.

 Monsuno eps 01 - Clash

Have you gotten sucked into this yet or are you passing on it?

I did however snag a nice new Transformer for myself  - The Autobot Ark. It was on clearance as well for only $8.98. Box was dinged up, but I wanted the toy, not the box.

I will have pictures up soon, if I can get the damn thing away from my son - LOL!

The coolest thing so far is it lights up and makes the transforming sound when opened - COOL!


  1. The video clip explained a lot. Reminds me of Evolution 'Animal Kaiser'. That Autobot Ark is a great buy. What a steal!

    1. I was not keen on this toy myself, but wanted to get an understanding of it. I think it will fail, but who knows as the shelves were prety empty of them.

      If I can get the Autobot Ark away from my son, maybe I can post some photos.

  2. Nice buy as 9 bunks is a good deal


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