Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Masamune Shirow Intron Depot Galhound v2

This is the Previews Exclusive (version 2) of Masamune Shirow Intron Depot Galhound.

The picture shown is of the original version of what the figure looked like. As you can see in this version, everything on this figure has been changed. The only part of this figure left untouched was the base. I have to commend them as they really did a remarkable job on this figure and even made it shiny like in the artwork.

This is another eBay item that I won and got it for a great price of only $13.49 USD. For this price, I have to say it was a steal and a great addition to my collection.

Though none of the parts come off, you will see later how sexy this really is. I was surprised this got by the crazed censor nuts. They would not of been able to see it any way unless they opened the package - heehee.

Here is the packaging before I tore it open. It is nicely done and the backer card is actually just paper inside. They even had a couple wire wraps keeping her snug in the package.

Now lets get to her out of the packaging. If you can calmly check out all the pics I took, you will get a very nice ending to this story.

4 Revolving Poses
Close Ups
The Infamous Pantsu Shot
(or the lack of in this case)


  1. For $13.49 USD, this is a steal for such an awesome figure. The elbow pads and Police insignia is really cool! Not forgetting the The Infamous Pantsu Shot! We thank you pal!

    1. I forgot to bid her other version, but it would of been $22.00. I was really lucky I won this as the price is super cheap.

      Always will be PANTSU if possible here to entertain and provide a free nosebleed.


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