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Steampunk Interview: Countessa Lenora

We have the distinctive privilege to have our first SteamPunk interview. I would like to welcome Lee Ann Farruga (aka Countessa Lenora) to our site.

This is cosplaying to a specific niche if you want. I love the Industrial times and this cosplay style exemplify's that period. I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Lee Ann thanks to Leslie and Deborah who I have also interviewed as the 'Costume People'.

It is my hope that you would be interested in trying your hand at this style of cosplay.

Enough blah-blah by me, how about we get to Lee Ann our Countessa for this interview.

What is your name , where do you reside and what is your age?

My name is Lee Ann Farruga, I reside in Ottawa, Canada, and a lady never tells her age - we'll just go with mature.

I think we will start off with an understanding of what Steampunk is. I know that some people may think this is just a ‘Victorian style’, but this is a totally different sub-culture. Can you give our readers a brief intro to the world of Steampunk?

Steampunk has grown from the simple answer of a genre with its origins going back to H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. It has become a community of creative minds, with a sense of fun, and an attitude of "be splendid". It is a space to promote reusing. It is a venue to encourage children to look at science and history, not as hard or stuffy/boring, but as something weird and wonderful and worth learning. It is also simply a blending of old and new.

What drew you to this style of cosplay instead of comics, movies or anime?

I enjoy comics, movies and anime and you can find steampunk in all of these mediums. I have always loved Victorian based science fiction and this gave me a more physical and personal way to enjoy it.

When designing your costumes, what are your major influences in their creation?

When creating my outfits, my main influence is simply to look fabulous. I am "the Countessa" so I'm inspired to go all out and put together something regal, but at the same time a little outrageous (I go for more of the fictional side of things, than the historical).

You have a great site called Steampunk Canada. How did this come about?

Steampunk Canada came about when I found that there was a need to bring the few local groups then existing together on a larger scale. Also, I'm a mom through and through and I wanted to help people create their own groups, help new groups grow and promote our home grown creative talent.

What references would you suggest to anyone wanting to become a Steampunk?

For those looking for more information about Steampunk, there are a lot of resources. The Steampunk Canada links page has a lot to start with, including links to all the local groups across Canada. For those in the US, Airship Ambassador has a great site, there is also Steampunk Empire for the US and Brass Goggles for UK and international seekers.

When not being a Steampunk, what do you do?

I would have to say I'm a steampunk through and through. Although I'm not dressed as such all the time, I live in an 1899 home with a lot of steampunk decor, my favourite movies, literature and internet surfing all involve steampunk to one degree or another, and I try hard to live by the motto created by the UK steampunk group, the Victorian Steampunk Society, "Be Splendid".

For any aspiring Steampunks a little shy, what words of wisdom do you have for them to get started?

I don't know if you would call them "words of wisdom", maybe words of inspiration....

Have fun! 

Don't let anyone tell you you're not doing it right. We all have a slightly different vision of steampunk and it's all about using your imagination. Steampunks are generally a very friendly and helpful group of people, so don't be afraid to join a group or attend an event and just say Hello (or "Good day Sir/Madam").

Where can we catch more of your group at?

You can find us mainly at our website, but also on Facebook (as a group and a page), Steampunk Empire, and myself on Twitter as CountessaLenora. Cheers!

Here is a Shout Out to our Photographers: 

Denise Picanco  |  Iden Ford  

More Photos with the Family

I want to thank Countessa Lenora for taking the time to write to me and to the Photographers for the great photos that you get to see here today.

Want to be my next interviewed COSPLAY STAR? Drop me a line a bluedrakon (at) gmail (dot) com!


  1. Very niche and unique Victorian costumes that brings us back through time. Reminds me of movie like Shelock Holmes. Nice pics and even doggy got to dressed up.

    1. I was so happy to finally talk to someone about Steampunk. I loved the fact that the WHOLE family is involved.

    2. I to give 100 Thank You! I Vow this is TRUE! My "Master" Cosplay of "Kill Bill", proved too much $. My DARK SIDE called out; "Vampire Hunter/Steampunk/Red + Black/Christan/Tao". Thank you for proving "You-Know-Who", was right! Love The "Family-That-Cosplays-Together-Stase-Together!"... And THE "PUPPY" TOO!

      "WE", Thank You Again.

    3. You gotta love DC as he is so damn energetic when he writes. Here is what he said for those that are a bit lost in the translation:

      "We are so honored that you did this interview.

      I don’t have enough to do my "Master" Cosplay of "Kill Bill". This has given me the inspiration to do a steampunk mix of Vampire Hunter and my Priest of Tao cosplay – THANK YOU. Love The Family-That-Cosplays-Together-Stays-Together! and THE "PUPPY" TOO!

      We both Thank You Again for doing this Interview."


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