Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review: KREON Transformer Micros-Changers

We went to Wal-mart to get my wife a bike and my son some school clothes. We got the school clothes first as this was the easiest part. We had a limited selection as Maryland was having Tax Days this week (no taxes charged on school clothes).

We went over to the bike area (which is next to the toys section of course). The one my wife had her eye on was no longer there (don't worry, we picked up one at Target). While we were looking for the bike, I found a box of KREON Transformer Micros-Changers just sitting on a couple boxes.

There were 6 different characters in this box, You could get Spinister, Sunstorm, Waspinator, Galvatron, Crankstart or Scorponok. Each of these were able to 'transform' from to a figure or vehicle. Some assembly was required for either version. If I remember correctly, I saw on a post by Open the Toy about the numbers on these packs.

We went through and found 6 different sets of numbers. We picked up the 2 that had the most limited numbers (they ended with a 0 & 8). I wanted to get all 6 figures, but decided to wait. We ended up getting Gavatron and Crankstart. I have also include the shots of them in both Transformer versions. I will apologize now as I forgot to remember which pack was which as I opened them - DOH!


Will you be picking these up for your Kre-o / Transfomer collection?


  1. It's seems like Leon had successfully poisoned you. Ha! Ha! I got some of the bigger ones for my son too!

    1. Yea LEon sure did that indeed - but my son is taking care of me :D

  2. These look pretty cool. Might snag one up if I end up in the store one of these days.

    1. My son wanted all of them once I told him about the numbers to look for. Not sure if they have any at Walmart anymore to check.


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